More concerns have been highlighted about driver behaviour at traffic lights in Stornoway.

On’s Facebook Page, Beth Morrison told how only a few days ago, there was an incident at the crossing lights by Canada Crescent/Macaulay Road.

“Three of us waiting to cross and some eejit went right through the red – after appearing to look/check. 'Oh it's red, I'm fine then'?!”

Another email to said this “happens on a frequent basis with the lights at the end of Canada Crescent.

“Whether its vehicles heading into or out of town, once they see the amber light it’s like a challenge for them to hit the accelerator.

“Frequently, over the ears at these lights I have seen vehicles zooming through on the red.

”Even when the lights turn to red you cannot risk stepping onto the road in case some nutter is still trying to hurtle through on the red.

“Bad enough for pedestrians, even worse when you have a pram or baby buggy to manoeuvre.

“And what about trying to get across the road at the ‘Spar roundabout’, it’s a nightmare with cars and lorries and vans coming at you from all directions.”