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Lews Castle College UHI today (Tuesday 21st August) launched a new Innovation Centre.

The innovation centre offers training, advice and development facilities for the use of modern high technology and for people who would like to start their own business.

The centre is free at the point of use offering not just college students but all members of the public an opportunity to develop these skills.

Opening proceedings, in front of a considerable crowd, College Principal Mr Iain Macmillan said “The College is committed to broadening people’s views of future business and employment opportunities in the Energy and Technology industries.”

“At Lews Castle we take a broad perspective on Technology, Engineering and Innovation. We believe that they offer huge opportunities for the future “

The initial idea for the project came from Dr Chris Macleod of Lews Castle College.

Chris said, “Universities should not, just, be about training. They should be about Innovation and wealth creation.”

 “Our target is for islanders who come to us with innovative ideas to move on with prototypes and a Business Plan which can be presented to perspective investors”.

Guest speaking at the event was Callum Macdonald of Point and Sandwick Trust, who provided much of the financial support for the project.

“The whole point of community energy is to provide support to the community. We are committed to provide support to projects across the whole of the Western Isles.”

“Lews Castle will be, and has been, a key player in how our islands develop, through the impact it has on the educational, economic and cultural opportunities in our community”

Tours of the college to view these new facilities can be arranged by contacting Dr Chris Macleod at Lews Castle College UHI

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone 01851 770314