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Careers advisers from Stornoway with part of a team from across the North of Scotland providing support to young Scots at the start of August after the exam results came out.

Almost 1500 young Scots received direct expert advice and support following their exam results .

More than 50 Skills Development Scotland (SDS) careers advisers worked on the annual Exam Results Helpline for eight days, offering expert advice on everything from resits to Clearing and college to apprenticeships.

Advisers from across Scotland supported young people who had performed better than expected, who hadn’t got the results they had wanted, and who needed guidance on what to do next. They also provided advice and support for parents.

Professionally qualified advisers from SDS’s North region, who work in schools and centres in Stornoway, Fort William, Lerwick and Inverness, were part of the team answering calls from 8am on results day (7 August).

On the first day alone, the advisers answered more than 1,000 calls.

Pauline Graham, Project Manager for SDS’s Exam Results Helpline, said: “The Exam Results Helpline is a vital service, supporting young people and their families at one of the most stressful times of their lives.”

Over the course of the Helpline, which closed on 15 August, 1,449 calls were answered from young people receiving their results, as well as from parents and carers.

Pauline added: “Support isn’t limited to the Helpline.  SDS’s careers advisers are working in schools across the country as well as in careers centres nationwide, offering free advice and guidance to people of all ages.”

Individuals can also access information online via My World of Work, or call SDS’s helpline on 0800 917 8000.

SDS careers services in high schools are delivered in a mix of group sessions and one-to-one time across all year groups, with a focus on career management skills and decision points including subject choices and what to do when moving on from school.

At SDS careers centres customers can get information, advice and guidance about jobs, the local labour market, training courses and apprenticeships as well as how to prepare for interviews, help with CVs and applications.

The work of SDS careers advisers in schools and careers centres is supported by Scotland’s careers website

Details of the local SDS careers centres are available at