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Don't open it - that's the warning this morning (Wednesday August 8th) from solicitors and estate agents Macdonald Maciver and Co of Francis Street, Stornoway, after a very realistic looking email appeared in inboxes across the region.

The e-mail purports to be from the Macdonald Maciver email address and offers the recipient the chance to open a link - but the company is warning people not to do so.  

This is a scam email from a email address which is imitating that of Macdonald Maciver & Co.

The e-mail is in relatively good English and starts  "Hello, I have shared a document with you using Dropbox Business.  View shared document." 

The rest of the email is copied from Dropbox publicity and a standard Macdonald Maciver email.  It is unsigned.  An image of the email is included below.

This scam has been circulating on-line since the start of 2018, if not before. In January in Canada, the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association (ALIA) said it had learned of a scam that involved what looks like legitimate emails with a Dropbox attachment or link.

"Appearing to be sent from a known contact, this phishing scam email works in several ways by exploiting the popularity of the file sharing service:
  • It will try to steal your Dropbox password with an order request that looks like it's from a company or contact with whom you do business.
  • It will try to steal your email password with a fake file sharing request.
  • It will try to lure you into downloading a virus attached to or linked from the email
"The email will have some obvious signs of a phishing scam. First, it does not address you personally and instead uses your actual email address. Also, the email will sound urgent, trying to get you to react quickly and to click on the button, link and/or attachment without thinking."