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A new exhibition opened at Morven Gallery on Saturday July 28th.

The main display area shows work by Margaret Stevenson, of Gallery 5, Tolsta Chaolais, in an exhibition which is called ‘Sunlight and Shadows’.

In the gallery area through beyond the cafe area is Donald Libby’s first exhibition of his seafront buildings.

These quirky sculptures of houses and other structures on the coast are made from wood found washed up on the shore and other items which Donald has collected like rusty nails and old washers.

They aim to capture the feel of living by the sea from the wildness of stacks to tranquil seafronts or harbours. 
Donald is an island artist whose previous work has been painting.  He said he’s really enjoyed being in his shed making these new items and going to the shore collecting. 

Morven Gallery is open 10.30am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday.