The brand new Mercedes Sprinter van

A new mobile postal service set up by Harris Post Office will also reach various parts of Lewis. 

The new service is ideal for those in rural areas whose local post office has closed in recent years, and is also beneficial for the elderly. 

The brand new van will be staffed by a member of staff from the Tarbert branch, and you can expect to find exactly the same services you would get at a fixed Post Office branch. 

Dates and times for the new weekly service are:


1000-1100 Laxay (outside Book Trust)

1120-1220 Keose (old Mission House)

1330-1430 Bayble (Eagleton)


1200-1300 Bayble (Eagleton)

1400-1500 Lemreway (Parked near 1 Lon Ban)


1100-1200 Drinishader


1100-1200 Lemreway (parked near 1 Lon Ban)