An ancient standing stone on the Isle of Lewis is to be the subject of a project to bring its story to life.

The 19ft Clach an Trushal or 'Stone of Compassion' in the village of Ballantrushal will be the focus of a new project by the Airidhantuim Community Council thanks to funding from the Western Isles Lottery.

Funds from ticket sales in the Ness and Westside Area until the end of December will be awarded to the Community Council to upgrade the local tourist attraction.

Plans for the project include having a descriptive plaque made for the stone as well as upgrading the pathway leading to it. An existing parking area is already nearby. 

At 19ft the stone is said to be tallest standing stone in Scotland. It is six foot wide and, at its thickest point, 4.9ft, with a girth at its base of 15.6ft.

Local legend says that it marks the site of a great battle, the last to be fought between the feuding clans of the Macaulays and Morrisons - however it is actually the solitary upright stone remaining from a stone circle built about 5,000 years ago. 

It occupied a place within the circle, although its placement was not central. The second last standing stone was removed in 1914, and used as a lintel.

All residents in the Ness & Westside Area are encouraged to join the Lottery to support this innovative project.

Tickets can be purchased online at or call 0300 30 20 444.