Martin MacSween from Ness is ‘on cloud nine’ after his all-time hero shook his hand, gave him a hug and posed for a portrait of the two together.

Martin idolises the actor Christopher Eccleston, who he reveres as the Ninth Doctor Who, and carries his picture on his iPad and phone.

His family had already set up a link between the pair, with a birthday video message from Martin bringing him one from the film and TV actor in return.

But Martin’s big moment came during a holiday in London organised by his family. He’d already seen Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud’s and the London Eye – which he recognised from the first Christopher Eccleston episode of Doctor Who.

Then the family took him to London Film and Comic Con at London Olympia, where Christopher Eccleston was a major attraction.

His brother Murdo said: “When they met for a photograph Christopher said: “Here’s my pal, Martin” and he almost exploded with joy.

"He had his head on his chest like in the photo for a good 40 seconds and got a huge hug and a handshake from Christopher. He’s been on cloud nine ever since!”

The story has had an unexpected side-effect – between social media shares and online coverage of the meeting by the media, Martin himself has now become a recognisable public figure!