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What about going one-step further than avoiding the use of plastic straws by going for reusable and totally biodegradable straws produced in North Tolsta?

Admittedly, the supply is tiny at present…but who knows, if the idea took root, what could grow from it!

Locally-based artist Tom Hickman explains how his local community shop and post office Buth Tholastaidh can offer his free organically grown drinking straws.

Tom has made "the art of frugal living a lifetime’s work and has for several years now used the dried flower stems of chives when drinking his elderflower champagne.

"Having been given a bunch of chives by a neighbour they soon outgrew my capacity to eat them so they were left to flower.

"The flowers created such a wonderful display in the garden I decided to cut a few for the house.

"There was a smell of onions for a few days but without water they did not wilt and over a couple of months they dried with perfectly hollow centres.

"Once dried they remain tasteless and do not go soggy like paper straws. They are obviously completely biodegradable and best of all they are free!"