The projects for Lionel School's new football pitch and the Comunn Eachdraidh Nis expansion both received a welcome boost to their fundraising campaigns with the news that Charles Young of 7 Fivepenny will compete in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon in Glasgow on the 29 September to raise funds on their behalf.

The funds raised will be divided equally between the two Ness projects.

Lewis Pipe Band are hoping the sun shines on them for their last competition of the season – the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow on Friday/Saturday, August 16-17 – after a weather washout at the European Championships in Inverness contributed to disappointing results.

[There are loads of really great Lewis Carnival 2019 photographs by Sandie Maciver on]

Several thousand people had fun in the sun at the Lewis Carnival yesterday (Saturday August 4th) as the sunny warm weather brought huge crowds out on to the streets - and gave what many described as a Mediterranean-feel to the centre of town.