Morven Gallery reopened for another summer at a special event on Saturday May 4th which saw the gallery packed out with art lovers (and coffee & cake addicts!) from the moment the doors opened at 2pm. (The photographs were all taken in the few minutes beforehand as the new exhibition was being made ready.)

There's a whole range of Island artists on show, perhaps reflecting the generations-long impact of Morven Gallery on the local artistic community.  Morven is unique in the Hebrides and Western Highlands in being a varied gallery with several display areas yet unattached either to a particular artist or a public or statutory organisation.  And the pent-up demand for its displays was demonstrated on Saturday  as its car parking areas were crowded out within the first few minutes.

Opening hours are 10.30 am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Artists, including photographers, represented at the opening were:

Caroline Bailey
Clare Blois
Dina Campbell
Pam Carter
Seonaid Clark
Christine Davidson
Margaret Ferguson
David Greenall
David Humphreys
Marianthi Lainas
Ian Lawson
James Macaulay
Moira Maclean
DK Macleod
Jane Macrae
Heloise Maylin
Elaine Murray
Ruth Odell
Liz O’Donnell
Jonthan Smith
Margaret Stevenson
Gareth Watson
Margarita Williams
David Wilson
Carol Burgis
Millie Joines