THTC Customers who have moved to Utilita from Our Power’s Hebrides Energy tariffs will recently have received Welcome Packs showing their tariff and unit rates.  Utilita has advised this has been a complex process, but that they are now able to confirm the price structure for these customers, through a tariff called ‘Control’ or ‘Control +’.  

The unit rates on these welcome packs are showing a price increase from the 1st of June.  It is recommended that you look into whether you are on the best rate or whether it would be cheaper for you to switch away from Utilita. 

Both SSE and Scottish Power offer comparable THTC tariffs, the table below shows prices for tariffs that these companies have: 


All the rates above are for direct debit payment types

If you like further assistance and advice or would like someone to have a look at your bills, you can contact Tighean Innse Gall on 01851 706121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..