Did you know?? Tighean Innse Gall has 3 qualified air tightness testing surveyors who can carry out a survey on your home to check how air tight your house is and identify where these unwanted draughts are coming from?

Air Tightness Testing is used to calculate the air permeability or ‘leakiness’ of a building. The testing is done by fitting a large fan in the doorway of the building and sealing up any air extract vents, the building is then pressurized by the fan and readings are taken in order to calculate the amount of air leaking out of the property. Its quick, simple and provides an in-depth look at how well your house is performing.

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Do you have Woodworm?

Woodworm is a collective term used to describe all wood-boring insects that attack wood and may cause structural damage in your house or building. If you think you have woodworm in your home and want to get it treated by a trusted and local firm then please call TIG.

TIG has professionally qualified woodworm surveyors and will be able to identify the type and extent of the infestation and treat it with specialist equipment. For woodworm infestations that are not severe only the surfaces of the timbers need to be treated to prevent the cycle of mating and the laying of eggs starting again.  A woodworm treatment spray is very cost effective and the works will be covered under a guarantee.

Please call the office on 01851 70 6121 for more information.