Nigel Nicolson’s account of Lord Leverhume and his involvement with the islands of Lewis and Harris after the First World War. First published in 1960 it sets out to try and understand why this hugely wealthy man set out to turn two Hebridean islands into an industrial success story – but failed. 

£12.99 PBK 264pp ISBN 9780861522156

Christine MacDonald’s popular account of the history of the island of Lewis going back to its earliest times. Generously illustrated with maps, photographs and line drawings, the book is now in its third edition with a foreward by Margaret Bennett. 

£12.99 PBK 80pp ISBN: 9780861521845

Pat MacFarlane celebrated his 95th birthday with the launch of his first book. This collection of essays is a treasure trove of personalities and events and bring to life the Stornoway he has lived in throughout the years.

£10.50 PBK 126pp ISBN: 9780861525492