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  1. Dictionary of the Gaelic Language. 1. Gaelic and English. II English and Gaelic. First Part Comprising A Comprehensive Vocabulary of Gaelic Words with their different significations in English and the Second Part comprising A Vocabulary of English Words with their Various meanings in Gaelic. By the Rev Norman Macleod and the Rev Dr Daniel Dewar. H.B. Slight tears at top of spine. Published in 1909. 1005 Pages. £65
  2. Edmonston’s Flora of Shetland. Comprehending a list of the ancient wild flowers, Horse Tails, Club Mosses and Ferns of the Shetland Isles. Edited and Revised by C.F. Argyll. Saxby. Also a biographical sketch compiled from his mother’s life of Thomas Edmonston. H.B. Originally Published in 1845, this 2nd  Edited and Revised Edition is from 1903. H.B. 99 Pages. £30
  3. An Etymological Glossary of some Place Names in Shetland by James Stout Angus. H.B. Published in 1910. 76 Pages. £85 (Scarce)
  4. Transformation of Rural Scotland. Social Change and the Agrarian Economy 1660-1815 by T.M. Devine. A Paperback edition of a ground breaking book first published in 1994. A novel and detailed exploration of the process of transition in the rural lowlands of Scotland from peasant to capitalist agriculture -one of the most fundamental changes in modern Scottish history. Based on a systematic and penetrating appraisal of archival material from four representative counties – Ayr, Lanark, Fife and Angus. P.B. Published in 1999. 274 Pages. £8
  5. The Pier Gallery Stromness, Orkney. A  detailed description of the collection housed in the building and profiles some of the artists and some of the drivers behind the project. P.B. Published in 1978. 64 Pages. £10
  6. Tales and Traditions of the Lews. Collected by Dr Macdonald of Gisla 1891 -1961. 60 Tales collected by the author. H.B With D/J Published in 1967. 297 Pages. £15
  7. Devil in the Wind by Charles Macleod. A novel set in the Isle of Lewis in the 1950’s based on true events. When the engagement was confirmed, the Hebridean village of Ballantrushal, prepared for a traditional cottage wedding where the whole community would celebrate with feasting and merriment. But on the wedding eve, nature intruded, and a phenomenal blizzard struck the island, obliterating everything under massive bridecakes of snow. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 208 Pages. £6
  8. Appendix to Dwelly’s Gaelic -English Dictionary. Compiled by Edward Dwelly. Edited by Douglas Clyne. Completed by Derick Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. 134 Pages. £8
  9. Gairm magazines. Various editions of the gaelic periodical available for sale from number 6 to 192. Too many to list here. £1.50 each, but discounts available for multiple purchases.
  10. 10.Disruption Worthies of the Highlands. Another Memorial of 1843. Some of the Ministers profiled in this book include; Rev John Macdonald, Roderick Macleod, Rev Donald Sage, Rev Duncan Matheson, Rev Finlay Cook, Rev John Macrae, Rev Robert Finlayson, Rev John Macallister, Rev John Munro, Rev Peter Maclean, Rev Alexander Macleod. Includes autographs of the Moderator and others. H.B. Published in 1877. 237 Pages. £75
  11. 11.A Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England and great part of the Highlands of Scotland by Colonel T. Thornton. A new edition with coloured plates by G.E. Lodge, Portraits and Selections from the Original Illustrations, H.B. Published in 1896. 332 Pages. £65
  12. 12.The Scots Worthies. Their Lives and Testimonies. Including many additional notes and lives of eminent worthies not contained in the original collection. Edited by Rev J.A. Wyllie Assisted by Rev James Anderson. An introductory sketch of the History of the Period by the Editor. H.B. Date of Publishing unknown. 872 Pages. £75
  13. 13.The Macleods. The History of the Clan by I.F. Grant. Epilogue by John Macleod of Macleod.  Contents: Up to 1350, 1350-1493, 1493-1585, 1590-1626, 1626-1660, 1660-1706, 1706 -1722, 1772-1802, 1801 -1956, 1956-1980. Includes Appendices and many llustrations. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1959. This edition is from 1981. 662 Pages. £35
  14. 14.Scottish Medieval Churches by Stewart Cruden. Architecture is one of the sources from which we derive our knowledge of the past, and our ancient churches are historical documents no less than charters are. Most of the churches discussed in this book are ancient monuments. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. 210 Pages. £10
  15. 15.St Margaret Queen of Scotland And Her Chapel by Lucy Menzies, Ronald A. Knox, Ronald Selby Wright. Pamphlet originally printed in 1957, this fourteenth edition is from 1968. 25 Pages. £6
  16. 16.An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language by Alexander MacBain. P.B. Originally Published in 1896, this is a Photolitho Reprint of the 1911 Edition. Printed in 1982. 412 Pages. £6
  17. 17.West Over Sea by D.D.C Pochin Mould. An account of life in the Outer Hebrides set against the legendary and Historical Background. H.B. With D/J Published in 1953. 1st Edition. 21 Chapters, Bibliography and an Index of Place Names. 196 Pages. £15
  18. 18.The New Testament in Braid Scots Rendered by Rev. William Wye Smith with a glossary of Scottish Terms. H.B. Published in 1901. 331 Pages. £30
  19. 19.Orain Lizzie a’ Ghlinne. Ealasaid Shutharlan. 23 Piosan Bardachd leis an ughdar, tha ainm an ughdar cuideachd anns a leabhar seo. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2010. 40 Duilleag. £5
  20. 20.The Renaissance and Reformation in Scotland. Essays in Honour of Gordon Donaldson. Edited by Ian B. Cowan & Duncan Shaw. 14 articles written by different authors. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 261 Pages. £8
  21. 21.The Blind Harper (An Clarsar Dall) The Songs of Roderick Morison and his Music. Edited by William Matheson. Roderick Morison who was born about 1656 at Bragar in Lewis and who died about 1714, probably near Dunvegan in Skye, is the only known example in Gaelic Scotland of the Minstrel. His songs are remarkable not only for their quality but also for the degree of self disclosure and social awareness which they reveal. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. 265 Pages. Also includes the family tree of Roderick Morison. £15
  22. 22.Creag Mhor Nam Fiadh le Tormod Domhnallach. Na Dealbhan le Diana de Vere Cole. Leodhas 1887. Dealbhaireachd air aon de na tachartsan a bu chliumhoir ann an Cogadh nan Croitearan anns a Ghaidhealtachd. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh anna n 1973. 80 Duilleag. £15
  23. 23. Moidart or among The Clanranalds by the Reverend Charles Macdonald Priest of Moidart. A fascinating record of the social history of Moidart and the great Macdonalds of Clanranald. As many clans and old highland families were involved with the Clanranalds of Moidart in one way or another, it covers a wide spectrum of the history of the Western Highlands and Islands and the lives of many of the characters who left their mark on it through the ages. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1889, This reprint is from 1989. 269 Pages. £15
  24. 24.Gaelic Words from South Uist and Eriskay. Collected by Rev. Fr. Allan Macdonald of Eriskay (1859-1905) Edited by J.L. Campbell. Second Edition with Supplement.  This collection was originally published in 1958, the Second Edition with Supplement was printed in 1972, this H/B Edition with D/J was Published in 1991. 317 Pages. £20
  25. 25.The Gallant Pioneers Rangers 1872 by Gary Ralston. In the spring of 1872 four young men gathered in a park in the west end of Glasgow and decided to establish a side that would do justice to the new craze of association football. William McBeath and Peter Cambell were just 15 years old, Moses McNeil was 16 and his brother Peter was the oldest at 17. Soon they were joined by Tom Vallance another 16 year old who quickly became skipper of the fledging club. None of those gallant pioneers was a native of Glasgow and yet within five years they were Scottish Cup finalists. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. 192 Pages. £8 (Scarce)
  26. 26.The Hebrid Isles. Wanderings in the Land of Lorne and the Outer Hebrides by Robert Buchanan. A New Edition. 12 Chapters and an Appendix. H.B. Published in 1883. 328 Pages. £25
  27. 27.Glory in the Glen. A History of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880 -1940 by Tom Lennie. It is commonly assumed that very few genuine revivals occurred between the Moody & Sankey Revival of 1873074 and the Lewis Revival of 1949-53 but Tom Lennie reveals that religious awakenings were relatively common in Scotland between these dates -and provides a comprehensive account of many exciting revivals. P.B. Published in 2009. 511 Pages. £8
  28. 28.St Columba’s Ui Church otherwise Eaglais na h-Aoidhe. An Historical Perspective by Colin Scott Mackenzie. With an account of the activities of Urras Eaglais na h-Aoidhe to date collated from many sources. The ancient walls of the church on the isthmus -otherwise St Columba’s, Ui -sit at the very gateway to the energetic and populous district of Point -otherwise – “An Rubha” -in Lewis. They represent one of the oldest religious religious foundations on the island and one which at one time the wealthiest in all the Hebrides. P.B. Published in 2012. 120 Pages. £8
  29. 29.Banner in the West. A Spiritual History of Lewis and Harris by John Macleod. Banner in the West is a tale never before told -of robust people in a unique, stripping environment, upheld by faith profound as the Hebridean sea. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. 398 Pages. £8
  30. 30.John Maclean by Nan Milton. There have been several biographies of John Maclean, some with little relevance to the real Maclean and some with an axe to grind. It can safely be said that Nan’s is the definitive version in that she was not only Maclean’s daughter and shared his politics and his passion for a Scottish Worker Republic, for which he suffered and was reviled by British Nationalists of all shades. P.B. Published in 2002. 318 Pages. £5
  31. 31.A Love Unknown. The true story of the man I know and love but never met. Murdo Macdonald (Prize) Pamphlet written by his grandson Jonathan Black. 4 Pages. £4
  32. 32.Just Daft. The Chic Murray Story by Robbie Grigor. Foreword by Billy Connolly.  The biography of one of the best known Scottish comedians. P.B. Published in 2008, this edition is from 2009. 226 Pages. £6
  33. 33.A Lily Among Thorns.  The story of Jeanie Wilson. Booklet, 20 Pages. Date of Printing unknown. £5
  34. 34.Our Beloved Jock. Revival Days in Scotland and England. The Story of a Fisherman Revivalist by James A. Stewart. The story of Jock Troup. Booklet, Printed in 1964. 32 Pages. £6
  35. 35.An Urramach Iain Macrath le Neacal MacNeacail. A bha ann an Leodhas. Beagan Iomradh M’a Bheatha agus Criomagan d’a Theagaisg. Leabharann, an ceathramh clo bhualadh 1939. 59 Duilleag. £5
  36. 36.An Tiomhnadh Nuadh. The New Testament. Ar Tighearna Agus Ar Slanaighir Iosa Chriosd. Air a Tharraing on Ghreigis a chum Gaidhlig na h-Alba. Maille ri Eadar theangachadh gu Beurla a reir Teacsta Ur Breatannach an Righ Seumas (New King James British Text) P.B. Published in 2002. 276 Pages. £8
  37. 37.A Spell for Green Corn by George Mackay Brown. For this chronicle in six scenes, the author goes to seventeenth century Orkney. The action centres upon a wild living fiddler and the girl he seduces, who is later condemned to be burnt as a witch. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. 1st Edition.  91 Pages. £8
  38. 38.Mightier than a Lord by Iain Fraser Grigor. The Highland crofter’s struggle for the land. 13 Chapters and includes many illustrations. P.B. Published in 1979. 1st Edition. 170 Pages. £8
  39. 39.An Honourable Death by Iain Crichton Smith. A novel based on the life story of the much decorated Major General Sir Hector Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. 1st Edition. 135 Pages. £8
  40. 40.The Hebrides Revival and Awakening 1949-1943. A Short History. Compiled by Alec Dunn. Booklet, Printed in the 2000’s. 67 Pages. £6
  41. 41.The Spiritual songs of Dugald Buchanan. Edited with Introduction Notes and Vocabulary by Rev Donald Maclean. New Edition. 8 Poems, Notes, two appendices and Vocabulary. H.B. Published in 1913. 114 Pages. £20
  42. 42.The Transactions of the Journal of Proceedings of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History & Antiquarian Society. Sessions 1883-1884,1884-85,1885-86. P.B. Printed in 1897. 187 Pages. £15
  43. 43.English -Gaelic Dictionary. Compiled by John Mackenzie. Formerly published as Part two of MacAlpine’s Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. 269 Pages. £8
  44. 44.Guthan O’n Chrann Cheusaidh le Ruairidh Macleoid. Leabharann le searmoinean air na seachd faclan a labhair criosd air a Chrann Cheusaidh. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972. 36 Duilleag. £6
  45. 45.Aithris is Oideas. Traditional Gaelic Rhymes and Games. This publication brings together into a convenient form about 350 selected examples of the rhymes, rhyming games and general play material which still exist in the oral tradition among speakers of Scottish Gaelic. H.B. With D/J Published in 1964. 1st Edition. 110 Pages. £8
  46. 46.Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire Records. Compiled by Gavin Turreff. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged. H.B. Published in 1871. 310 Pages.  £15
  47. 47.The Modern Gaelic English Dictionary. Am Faclair Ur Gaidhlig -Beurla le Robert C. Owen. P.B. Published in 1993, this reprint is from 1996. Ex School Book. 139 Pages. £5
  48. 48.Plant Life in the Scottish Highlands. Ecology and Adaptation to their Insect Visitors by Alexander Edward Holden. With photographs by Robert M. Adam. H.B. Published in 1952. 1st Edition.  319 Pages. £20
  49. 49.Poems to be read Aloud. A Victorian Drawing Room Entertainment. Collected and with an introduction by Tom Atkinson. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 116 Pages. £5
  50. 50.From the Alleghenies to the Hebrides. An autobiography by Margaret Fay Shaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. 1st Edition.  150 Pages. £8
  51. 51. The Edinburgh Companion to Scots. Edited by John Corbett, J. Derrick McClure, Jane Stuart Smith. A comprehensive introduction to the study of older and present day Scots language. The aim of this volume is to explain and illustrate methods of research into Scots and Scottish English. Topics include the grammar, vocabulary and contemporary speech in Scotland, and the investigation of Older Scots written texts. P.B. Published in 2003.304 Pages. £6
  52. 52.A Cook’s Tour of Scotland. From Barra to Brora by Sue Lawrence.  In this book the author takes up the baton in praise of Scotland’s produce and shares more than 120 delicious and original recipes. Travelling the length and breadth of Scotland, she seeks out the sublime raw ingredients Scotland has to offer. From Cockles harvested on Barra and venison from the Highlands, to seaweed picked on Auchmithie beach and Lamb from Shetland. H.B. With D/J Published in 2006. 224 Pages. £6
  53. 53.No Great Mischief -A Highland Experience by John Macleod. This book is in three parts; Highland History, Highland Psychology, Highland Identity. H.B. Published in 1993. 240 Pages. £8
  54. 54.The Lauder Legacy. The Life and Times of George Lauder and Lauder College by Dominic J Currie. This book is a fascinating insight into the history of Lauder College from its foundation in 1899 as Lauder Technical School to its development as a major institution  of further and higher education, with a national reputation for quality and enterprise. P.B. Published in 1999. 204 Pages. £6
  55. 55.Social Carefree Delightful. A History of Scottish Country Dancing in New Zealand. Compiled by Margaret D. Laidlaw, and Margaret M Hutchison. Assisted by Marjorie M. Crawford. 15 Chapters. 8 Appendices. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. 202 Pages. £8
  56. 56.Hebridean Altars. Some Studies of the Spirit of an Island Race by Alistair Maclean. H.B. Published in 1937. 1st Edition. 157 Pages. £15
  57. 57.By Mountain, Moor and Loch. To the Dream Isles of the West by Thomas Nicol. Introduction by Professor A.D. Peacock. H.B. Published in 1931. 1st Edition. 202 Pages. Includes Photographs. £10
  58. 58.Buth Ailig le Domhnall Iain MacGilleathain. Leabhar a tha coimhead ri doigh beatha agus cuideachd sgeulachdan bho laithean obrach an ughdar fhein. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1988.66 Duilleag. £5
  59. 59.Cuimhneachan 1916. Golden Jubilee of the Easter Rising by the National Gallery of Ireland. A commemorative Exhibition of the Irish Rebellion 1916. Booklet, Printed in 1966. 96 Pages. £6
  60. 60.A Break with the Past. Changed days on two Border sheep farms (Langburnshiels and Riccarton) With the record book of the Riccarton Mill Club. by Michael J.H. Robson.  Booklet, Includes maps and signed by the author. Printed in 1991. 118 Pages. £20 (Scarce)
  61. 61.Children of the Manse. The Family of the Reverend Thomas Leckie of Peebles. Booklet, Printed in 1980. 12 Pages. £6
  62. 62.Sea Sorrow .The Story of the Iolaire Disaster. This booklet is a contemporary account of the disaster which appeared in the Stornoway Gazette in 1959. A list of all those who lost their lives is given at the end of the booklet. Printed in 1972. 39 Pages. £8
  63. 63.Mauchline Ware and Associated Scottish Souvenir Ware by John Baker. Booklet, Printed in 1985. 32 Pages. £5
  64. 64.The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours. 87th Annual Exhibition -January 28th till March 5th. Booklet, 32 Pages. £5
  65. 65.Dunbarney -A Parish with a Past by J.W. & R.E. Seath. Contents includes a List of Illustrations, Sources and References, 8 Chapters and an Index. P.B. Published in 1991. 2nd Edition. 128 Pages. £6
  66. 66.Inverleith Church 1881-1981. By Alexander Fraser. Booklet, 95 Pages. Includes Photographs. £6
  67. 67.Douglas Park Golf Club. The First Eighty Years. 32 Chapters and llustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 145 Pages. £10
  68. 68.University of Edinburgh Journal. Incorporating Four Hundred Years of Graduates and the History of the Association. Published by the University of Edinburgh Graduates Association. Vol XXXI. No 1. June 1983. Contents includes a list of office bearers, University News, a Profile of 16 famous graduates, a History of the Association, Obituaries. Booklet, 116 Pages. £6
  69. 69.Pictures from Shetland’s Past. By Fred Irvine. A selection of drawings and articles from the Shetland Times. This third edition contains additional items which have not been published before. Booklet, 55 Pages. 3rd Edition.Printed in 1975. £6
  70. 70.One Good Owner. God is in the Driving Seat by Murdo Murchison.  Murdo Murchison’s life turned upside down on the 30th August 2016 when he collapsed with a massive seizure. Within 6 hours he was holding the results of a CT scan showing a two centimetre tumour in his brain. This book brings together experiences from Murdo’s life which are all made the more powerful and poignant with the certainty that life is short. P.B. Published in 2017. 141 Pages. £5
  71. 71.The History of the Clan Macintosh and the Clan Chattan by Margaret Macintosh of Macintosh. Revised by Lachlan Macintosh of Macintosh. 30th Chief of Macintosh. Foreword by Colonel Sir Donald Cameron of Lochiel. 11 chapters. Genealogical Tables and Appendices. This book was originally published in 1948, this new and revised edition is from 1982. H.B. With D/J 81 Pages. £12
  72. 72.Thornhill Golf Club. Commemorative Booklet. Blacknest Golf Course 1893-1979. Booklet, Printed in 1979. 46 Pages. £6 
  73. 73.Blairgowrie Golf Club 1889-1989. Visitors Handbook. Booklet, 24 Pages. £6
  74. 74.The Clan McNaughton by Duncan McNaughton. The most complete history ever written of this famous Clan. Ten Chapters, 5 Appendices, Bibliography and Final Note. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 87 Pages. £15
  75. 75.Memorial of the Rev Alex Thomson. West United Presbyterian Church Haddington. This book includes Obituary Notices and Pulpit References. H.B. Published in 1890. Includes a poem that was written after the Rev Thomson’s death. 81 Pages. £15
  76. 76.Gala Cricket Club 1853-2003. Commemorative Booklet. Booklet, Printed in 2003. 65 Pages. £6
  77. 77.The Macleans of Sweden by James N.M. Maclean, Lecturer in History University of Edinburgh. 9 Chapters, Endnote and a Table showing The Maclean Baroneticies of Morvaren and of Dowart. H.B. Published in 1971. 62 Pages. £35. (Scarce)
  78. 78.The Isle of Mull and Iona. Fully Illustrated Guidebook. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. Includes Advertising and Photographs. 62 Pages. £6
  79. 79.The Old Parish Churches of Scotland by Mike Salter. A book which covers the parish churches in each area of Scotland. Includes Maps and an Index of all the churches covered in this book. P.B. Published in 1994. 124 Pages. £8
  80. 80.Scottish Churches by M. Muir. Booklet, Printed in 1975. 40 Pages. £6
  81. 81.The Haven Under the Hill. The Story of Stonehaven by Elizabeth Christie. Illustrations by Janet Smith. A record of the history, events and people of the town. P.B. Published in 1977. 100 Pages. £8
  82. 82.Ancient Church Dedications in Scotland. Non Scriptural Dedications by James Murray Mackinlay. 31 Chapters, 11 Appendices and Index. H.B. Published in 1914. 552 Pages. £45
  83. 83.Call na h-Iolaire le Tormod Chalum Domhnallach. This book tells the story of the HMY Iolaire which struck the Beasts of Holm on January 1st 1919, more than two hundred men drowned. It was the first book to give a detailed account of the tragedy. The majority of the book is in Gaelic, but it also includes an English Synopsis. P.B. Published in 1978. 124 Pages. £8
  84. 84.Alive and Kicking. A story of Crime, Addiction and Redemption in Glasgow’s Gangland by David Bryce and Simon Pia. Foreword by Irvine Welsh. P.B. Originally Printed in 2005. This reprint is from 2008. 255 Pages. £5
  85. 85.Fragile Land. Scotland’s Environment by Auslan Cramb. Foreword by Magnus Magnusson. 11 Chapters, Bibliography and Index. P.B. Published in 1998. 237 Pages. £5
  86. 86.Knock Free Church of Scotland by the Rev Kenneth Smith. A Comprehensive history of the Congregation from 1893-1998. 20 Chapters, also gives a list of the office bearers and Ministers and those from the congregation who became Ministers elsewhere. Booklet, 63 Pages. Printed in 1998. Very Scarce. £8
  87. 87.Leabhar na Sailm. Na Sailm gu leir ann an Gaidhlig, agus leabhar a tha duillich a lorg. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1951. 97 Duilleag. £6
  88. 88.An Eaglais Mhor (The Large Church) A History of the Cross Free Church of Scotland 1892-1992. By Rev Angus Smith. 5 Chapters, which looks in detail at the previous church buildings in Ness before the present Free Church was constructed in 1992. Booklet, Printed in 1992. 39 Pages. £6
  89. 89.Castaway -The Full, Inside Story of the Major TV Series by Mark McCrum. Featuring material from the castaway’s private diaries and letters, this no holds barred account of the Taransay year tells the inside story of the islanders their relationships, their traumas and their triumphs. A gripping account of an extraordinary television experiment. H.B. Published in 2000, 382 Pages which includes photographs. £6
  90. 90.Former Principals of the New College Edinburgh. Inaugural Address by the Rev Principal Whyte D.D. Contents: Introduction, Dr Chalmers, Dr Cunningham, Dr Candlish, Dr Rainy, Dr Marcus Dods, Early Days. P.B. Published in 1919. 67 Pages. Some tears in the spine but the book has its original covers. £20
  91. 91.Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1991. 40th Anniversary Annual 1951 -1991. Contents: Editorial, Old Things Remembered, Sunday Morning in the Town, Remarkable Rescue Recalled, National Mod Dingwall, Bernera in the Bridge Days, From Sea Cadet to Commodore of the Cunard Line, Aliens and Angling, The Andes, The Police in Lewis, Sunday. Also included is a reprint of the first Eilean an Fhraoich Annual from 1951. A4 Size Publication.44 Pages. £6
  92. 92. Na Duilleagan Gaidhlig air an cur a mach an Luib Life and Work iris miosal Eaglais na H-Alba. 1987 -Aireamh 1, 1986, Aireamh 1, 1984 Aireamh 10, 1985, Aireamh 10, 1984, Aireamh 11, 4 Duilleag as gach iris. £8
  93. 93.The Hebridean Kitchen. Traditional Hebridean Recipes. Contents: Fried Herring, Cuddies, Poached Salmon, Mackerel, Cormorant, Seaweed, Skate, Cockles, Salt Herring, Brose, Sheeps Head and Broth,Mutton Boiled, Clootie Dumpling, Oven Scones, Bran Bread, Cup of Tea.  P.B. Publication Printed in 1978. Very Scarce. £10
  94. 94.Discovering Uig (Isle of Lewis)  A guide aimed at visitors to the area, which profiles all the villages in the district, places of historical interest and what to do.  It includes a directory of places in the area and also adverts. This booklet was originally printed in 2006, this reprint is from 2011. 66 Pages. £6
  95. 95.Poems and Songs of Mrs Mary Mackellar, Bard to the Gaelic Society, Inverness. 77 Gaelic and English Poems. Also Includes 4 poems that were translated by Professor Blackie. H.B. Published in 1880. 140 Pages. £35
  96. 96.A Fleet History of Pre War Independent  Bus Operators in The Scottish Highlands. P.B. Published in 2015.  250 Pages. Covers all known private bus operators in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. £10
  97. 97.Duple Coachbuilders. From Domination to Duple by Christopher G Sims. The author recalls the many and varied bus and coach bodies to have been produced by the company from the end of World War Two to its demise in 1989. P.B. Published in 2013. Includes Photographs. 64 Pages. £6   
  98. 98.A Taste of Glenelg. A Collection of Recipes from the Residents of Glenelg & Arnisdale. Contents: Soups & Starters, Main Courses, Miscellanous, Puddings & Desserts, Baking, Holiday Adverts. Booklet, 30 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £8
  99. 99.Recipe Book. Collected in Aid of Funds for Pairc Community Association. Is Fhearr Unnsa Toinsge na Tunna Leoim. (An ounce of sense is better than a ton of pride) Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 44 Pages. £8
  100. 100.An t-Eilean Alainn. The Beautiful Island. Isle of Harris. A guidebook to the Isle of Harris. It will take you along the five major road routes of the island, pointing out relevant facts such as walks, particularly scenic spots en route and much more. Booklet, Produces by Essential Harris, a Young Enterprise Group from Sir E Scott School in the Isle of Harris. 38 Pages, Includes photographs. Printed between 2007-2012. £6
  101. 101.The Loveliest Tweed in the World. Brochure, Reprinted from British Style Magazine.Printed Mid 1990’s. 8 Pages. £6
  102. 102.The Teampull at Northton and The Church at Scarista by Bill Lawson. Harris Churches in their Historical Setting. 19 Chapters and Maps. Booklet, Printed in 1993. 44 Pages. £6
  103. 103.The Village Names of Lewis. A new edition of the classic work on the island’s Old Norse place names heritage by Magne Oftedal. This is a facsimilie copy of the original article, together with the most interesting map which accompanied it. Booklet, Printed in 2009. 56 Pages. £5
  104. 104.A Very Pleasant Golfing Place. A Centenary History of The Kilmacolm Golf Club by Gray Laidlaw and David Mason. 10 Chapters and Appendices with club records and officials. H.B. With D/ Published in 1991. 165 Pages. £12
  105. 105.Scotland’s Forgotten Massacre by Sandy Mullay. In 1797 there occurred at Tranent, East Lothian, one of the bloodiest atrocities on the British Mainland since the Battle of Culloden. P.B. Published in 1979, 72 Pages. £8 
  106. 106. The Faroe Islands by Liv Kjorsvik Schei and Gunnit Moberg. With Drawings by Trondour Patursson. For most people the Faroe Islands is just a name heard on the shipping forecast. This book reveals the uniqueness and variety of the island’s landscape, their long and rich history, and the vibrancy of Faroese cultural life, which is currently undergoing something of a Renaissance. P.B. Published in 2003. 264 Pages. £8
  107. 107.The Neolothic Village of Skara Brae, Orkney. 1972-73 Excavations. An Interim Report. By D.V. Clarke, National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland. P.B. Published in 1976.  28 Pages. £8
  108. 108.Amulree and its Church by Nancy Enniskillen. Contents: List of Illustrations, Land and Origins, The Building and the Parish, Present, Past and Future, List of Ministers, Index. P.B. Published in 1990. 82 Pages. £8
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  118. 118.“Whose Faith Follow” by Rev G.N.M. Collins. A book written to commemorate the centenary of the disruption. 12 Chapters, Moderators of the Free Church General Assembly 1843-1943, Bibliography, Index. H.B. Published in 1943. 1st Edition. 104 Pages. £8
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  127. 127.Sa Bhuth ‘S An Tac an Teine le Cairistiona Stone. Cruinneachadh de sgeulachdan goirid bho sgire araich an ughdar -sgire a Bhac ann an Eilean Leodhais.  41 Sgeulachdan uile gu leir. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 2016. 142 Duilleag. £5
  128. 128.One Hundred Years on. Kinloch Church of Scotland Isle of Lewis 1911-2011. A comprehensive history of the congregation over the 100 years this booklet covers, it also gives a detailed list of all the office bearers and Ministers during this period. Includes Photographs. Printed in 2011. 74 Pages. £6
  129. 129.The Scots Guards. (5th Guards)By Anthony Goodinge. Edited by Lt-General Sir Brian Horrocks.  This is the inspiring story of the oldest regiment of the Household Troops, older than the British Army itself. H.B. With D/J Published in 1969. 149 Pages. £15
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  131. 131.Atlantic Challenge. An Epic Solo Voyage across The North Atlantic by Angus Matheson Mackinnon. This book describes a solo voyage across the north Atlantic that turned out to be an unprecedented challenge. The author spells out the nature of the challenge and the triumph of overcoming out. P.B. Published in 1995. 371 Pages. £6. Signed by the author.
  132. 132.An English -Gaelic Dictionary by John Mackenzie Author of “The Beauties of Gaelic Poetry” being Part Second to MacAlpine’s pronouncing Gaelic -English Dictionary. H.B. Originally Published in 1845, this reprint is from 1936. 549 Pages. £8
  133. 133.Eaglais Shaor na H-Alba. Fuinn Nan Sailm Ghaidhlig. (Gaelic Psalmody) Booklet, contains 23 well known tunes, Supplement -Old Long Tunes, and 6 Tunes which were Rev D. Munro’s Edition. 48 Pages. £10
  134. 134.Literary Tours in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by D.T. Holmes, B.A.  Contents: Introductory, Music, Speeches and Literature, Ecclesiastical, Educational, A Trip to Shetland, commercial Travellers and their Anecdotes, Legends and Literary Notabilia, Metrical and Supplementary, Index. H.B. Published in 1909.  372 Pages. £45
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  145. 145.Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1972. Contents: Where there is no vision the People Perish, The Role of the Castle in the Community, The Work of the Devil, S’a Ghleann a Fuireach, Memini, The Stornoway Whale Hunt, Memories of the Nicolson Institute, Holiday an T-Siaraich, Goodbye Lewis- Am off to Lochs, Sea Angling, Polluted, but Easier -Leave me my Washing Machine, They Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease. Includes Photographs and Adverts. A4 Size Publication, 58 Pages. £6
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  150. 150.Place Names of Lewis And Harris by D.Maciver F.E.I.S. Lately Headmaster of Bayble School. This was the first study of the place names of Lewis and Harris ever printed. The book is rare and rarely comes up for sale. The author was best known as being the author of the well known Gaelic song “An Ataireachd Ard”  H.B. Published in 1934. 1st Edition. 102 Pages. £45  
  151. 151.Life on the Edge. Growing Up in Steimreway. The story of Chirsty Mary Carmichael by Bob Chambers. Steimreway was a village in the Pairc district of South Lochs, Lewis. Booklet, Printed in 2011. 16 Pages. £5
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  155. 155.A Celtic Miscellany. Translations from the Celtic Literatures by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson. Professor of Celtic, Edinburgh University. Unlike previous anthologies this book consists of translations from all the six Celtic languages and from prose as ell as verse, including one or two prose tales. Contents: Hero Tale and Adventure, Nature, Love, Epigram, Celtic Magic, Description, Humour and Satire, Bardic Poetry, Elegy, Religion. H.B. With D/J Published in 1951. 1st Edition. 359 Pages. £20
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  160. 160.Memories of North and West Sutherland by Christopher J. Uncles. Divided into three sections (the first includes a short introduction) Memories  of North and West Sutherland is a portrayal in old photographs and postcards of a unique landscape from late Victorian times until the Second World War. A4 Size. Published in 2003. 96 Pages. £8
  161. 161.GlasgowTrammerung. The Twilight of the Glasgow Tram. (caur, sparkie or shooglie) An aesthete’s trambulation in the gloaming of the tramway age in dear auld Gleska toon by Cedric Greenwood. A photographic history of the tram in the city and includes text. Also includes tickets that were used on the tram. H.B. Published in 1986. 72 Pages. £10
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  166. 166.Nothing but my Sword. The life of Field Marshal James Francis Edward Keith by Sam Coull. In the centre of Peterhead stands a statue. Few know that it represents one of Scotland’s greatest soldiers field Marshal James Keith of Inverguie. Born in 1694, Keith fought for the Jacobites in both 1715 and 1719. Ater their defeat he ended up in Russian service rising to the highest level. P.B. Published in 2000. 15 Chapters and Epilogue. 222 Pages. £5
  167. 167.Trout Lochs of Scotland by Bruce Sandison. This book is the undisputed trout anglers “bible”. It covers the whole of Scotland from Shetland, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides to Borders Lochs and reservoirs, famous lowland fisheries, well known highland lochs and remote mountain and moorland lochans. This is a fully updated and revised third edition. H.B. With D/J.  Originally Published in 1983, this edition is from 1992. 312 Pages. £6
  168. 168.May the fire be always lit. A Biography of Jock Nimlin by ids Thomson. Jock Nimlin is best known as a pioneering climber of the 1920’s and 30’s. He was a seminal figure in Scottish mountaineering. He became the first field officer for the National Trust for Scotland, and organised field trips to the Cairngorms in search of semi precious stones and sea voyages to St Kilda. P.B. Published in 1995. 210 Pages. £6
  169. 169.The Acadians of Nova Scotia. Past and Present by Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau. The first work devoted exclusively to the Acadians of Nova Scotia, this book presents a thorough study of Acadian history from the earliest days of French settlement to present day Acadian communities. P.B. Published in 1992. 214 Pages. £6
  170. 170.James Noble Mackenzie. Missionary to the New Hebrides and Korea. An Autobiography. Edited by E.Mackerchar. Mackenzie was originally from Plockton in Ross Shire. H.B. Date of Publishing unknown. 79 Pages. £10
  171. 171.Over the Hills and Not So Far Away by Martin Whittet. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Vol LVI. 1988-90. Booklet,45 Pages. £8
  172. 172.The Gaelic Other World. John Gregorson Campbell’s Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands. Edited by Ronald Black. Black illuminates Campbell’s work with extensive explanatory notes and a radically revised biography supported by bibliography, maps and indexes. P.B. Published in 2005. 17 Chapters, appendices and maps. 753 Pages. £8
  173. 173.Sop as Gach Seid. Carloway Historical Society Annual. Issue Number 36 August 2010. Includes a selection of stories of past and present events, photographs as well. A4 Size Colour Publication.  58 Pages. £6
  174. 174.An Tuil -Anthology of 20th Century Scottish Gaelic Verse. Edited by Ronald Black. For the first time, a full canon of twentieth century Scottish Gaelic verse is available in one handsome volume. This book is a unique bilingual anthology providing a much needed and impressive overview of the high achievement and dramatic development of Gaelic verse in the twentieth century.  P.B. Originally Published n 1999, this reprint is from 2002. 825 Pages. £8
  175. 175.St Kilda  Past and Present by George Seton. Contents: The Hebrides or Western Isles, Published Accounts of St Kilda, Early History and Ownership, Local Incidents Since the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century, Natural Features of the Island, Physical Characteristics of the Inhabitants -Their Dress, Food and Houses, Climate, Crops and Livestock, Population of St Kilda -Surnames, Occupations, Etc, Sea Birds and Cragsmen, Diseases of the Islanders, Education, Morals and Religion, Music, Customs and Antiquities, The Future of St Kilda -Recent Newspaper Correspondence, Etc. Includes Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1878. 346 Pages. £175
  176. 176.Birds of St Kilda by Stuart Murray. Scottish Birds -The Journal of the SOC. Supplement to Volume 23 (2002) Booklet, Printed in 2002. 64 Pages. £6
  177. 177.Finlay Macqueen of St Kilda by WR Mitchell. This is the first book to be devoted to the legendary Finlay Macqueen (1862-1941). He was a man of two worlds: the remote archipelago of St Kilda -a scattering of islands 45 miles West of Uist, in the Outer Hebrides -and the much gentler landscape of Fife.  P.B. Published in 1992. This reprint is from 1999. 96 Pages. £6
  178. 178.St Kilda. A Voyage to the Edge of the World by W.R. Mitchell. This book is the graphic account of what the author and others on the working party saw and did in a spectacular ocean setting. P.B. Published in 1990. 124 Pages. £6 
  179. 179.The Life and Times of Fraser Macintosh Crofter MP by Ewen A. Cameron.Charles Fraser Macintosh is best remembered as the Crofters M.P. for Inverness Shire and as a member of the Napier Commission. This study of his career covers these important topics but also takes in his activities as an agen for the Conservative Party, his period as a Town Councillor, his involvement in the construction of Union Street in Inverness and his role as a factor for Highland landlords. P.B. Published in 2000. 258 Pages. £8
  180. 180.Bardachd Dhomhnaill Alasdair. Domhnall Alasdair Domhnallach a Garrabost, Eilean Leodhais. Facal Toisich le Joan Domhnallach nighean a’ Bhaird. 70 Piosan bardachd. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1999. 126 Duilleag. £6
  181. 181.The Heather in the South. Lore Literature and Balladry of the Scots in Australia. Edited by Bill Wannan. A Scottish -Australian Entertainment.  Part One: The Muses Heather: Stories, Essays, Poems. Part Two: Portrait Gallery: Scottish -Australian Profiles, Part Three: Ballads Old and New. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1966, this UK reprint is from 1967. 189 Pages. £15
  182. 182.Steall A Iomadh Lon le Seonaidh Ailig Mac A’ Phearsain.  Anns a leabhar seo tha an ughdar a toirt iomradh air eachdraidh a bheatha ach cuideachd air an dualachas, an eachdraidh agus an arrainneachd a chuir cruth is cumadh air a smuaintean agus a ghiulan. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 2011. 398 Duilleag. £6
  183. 183.We’re Indians Sure Enough. The Legacy of the Scottish Highlanders in the United States by Michael Newton. Contents: The Background, A Broken World, Over the Seas to Freedom, Warfare and Independence, Settlement, Culture and Race in North America, Conclusions. P.B. Published in 2001. 311 Pages. £8
  184. 184.As A Bhraighe -Beyond the Braes. The Gaelic Songs of Allan The Ridge Macdonald 1794-1868 by Effie Rankin. Second Edition. Contents: Introduction, The Gaelic Songs of Allan the Ridge, The Middle Years, Drinking Songs, The Final Years,Notes to Songs, Ridge Genealogy. P.B. 2nd Edition. Published in 2005. 212 Pages. £8
  185. 185.Deilbh is Faileasan. Dain le Domhnall Macamhlaidh. Images and Reflections Poems by Donald Macaulay. One of the leading modern poets of the Twentieth Century and this volume contains uncollected and unpublished work written since his only other collection, Seabhraich as a’Chlach appeared in 1967. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. 263 Pages. £6
  186. 186.Canan & Cultur. Language & Cuture Rannsachadh na Gaidhlig 3. Edited by Wilson Macleod, James E Fraser and Anda Gunderloch. Papers from the third Rannsachadh na Gaidhlig conference held in Edinburgh in July 2004. This volume includes contributions on Scottish Gaelic language, literature, culture and history from early Christian times to the present. Contributors: David Adger, Thomas Owen Clancy, Jonathan Dembling, Pia Dewar, James E. Fraser, George Jones, William Lamb, Mary Low, Aonghas MacChonnich, Raghnall MacilleDhuibh, Domhnall E, Meek, Michael Newton, Maire Ni Mhaonaigh, Gillian Ramchand, Moray Watson, Christopher Whyte and Mark Zumbuhl. P.B. Published in 2006. 294 Pages. £10
  187. 187.St Kilda. Church, Visitors and ‘Natives’ by Michael Robson. Contents: Acknowledgements, Foreword, Prologue, Pagan Roots and Priestly Echoes, Exile and Mission, Alexander Buchan in St Kilda, The Beginnings of Romance St Kilda Imagined by the Outside World, New missionaries and a new church,Uncertainty and Emigration, Tourists and Journalists, Pressure on St Kilda from the Outside World, Disputes and demoralising the people, John Mackay leaves St Kilda, The Beginning of the End,St Kilda without Angus Fiddes, abbreviations, Bibliography, Index. Includes many illustrations. A book published to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of the Evacuation from the island, it is essential reading for all those who, like so many in the past, have fallen under the spell of St Kilda and its now lost community. The book contains many early pictures of the island, which have never previously been published. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005.  756 Pages. £35
  188. 188.Revitalising Gaelic in Scotland Policy, Planning and Public Discourse. Edited by Wilson Macleod. An interdisciplinary collection of essays reviewing the state of Gaelic in contemporary Scotland, covering sociolinguistics, and language policy, questions of identity and community, and educational media, cultural and development issues, Contributions in Gaelic have detailed English language synopses. Contributors: Douglas Chalmers, Mike Cormack, Mike Danson, Robert Dunbar, Konstanze Glaser, Alison Lang, Alasdair MacCaluim, Emily McEwan -Fujita, Kenneth Mackinnon, Wilson Macleod, Marion F. Morrison, Martina Muller, Magaidh Nicaoidh, James Oliver, Boyd Robasdan, Gillian Rothach and John Walsh. P.B. Published in 2006. 322 Pages. £10
  189. 189.Scottish Bird Islands. M.S. Devonia 16-22 July 1966.  The Scottish Bird Islands Study Cruise (Excursion of the 14th International Ornithological Congress)  Islands include Ailsa Craig, Rhum, Soay, Canna, St Kilda, Shetland Islands, The Orkney Islands, Flannan Isles, Sulasgeir and North Rona. Booklet, Printed in 1966. 52 Pages. £12
  190. 190.The Last St Kilda Steamers. A Golden Jubilee Reprint of the MacCallum Orme summer sailing bill for 1939. This rare and fascinating document describes the services of the fondly remembered West Highland Shipping Company. A real period piece. Pamphlet, Printed in 1989. £8
  191. 191.Revised Nomination of St Kilda for inclusion in the World Heritage Site List. An A4 Size Publication commending the nomination for the inscription of St Kilda on the World Heritage List to ensure it is cared for and preserved for future generations. 148 Pages, Published in 2003. £10
  192. 192.St Kilda Snapshots -Based on Lachlan Macdonald’s Collection by David Quine. This lavishly illustrated book by David Quine, who has written several acclaimed accounts of St Kilda, contains many rare photos taken by the late Lachlan Macdonald of life on St Kilda, the last inhabitants of that remote archipelago, and the St Kildans after the evacuation. H.B. With D/J Published in 2011. 84 Pages. £12
  193. 193.Gairm Do’n T-Sluagh Neo Iompaichte Pilleadh agus a bhi beo. A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live by Richard Baxter Minister of the Gospel. 7 Cinn Teagaisg. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1894, 174 Pages. £25
  194. 194.The Isle of Skye by Car. The Jarrold White Horse Series. In collaboration with The Isle of Skye & South West Ross Tourist Board. Compiled by Douglas Gunn. Revised by Allan and Irene Blacknall. Photography by Douglas Gunn and Allan Blacknall. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 32 Pages. £6
  195. 195.Memories of Rev William Mackinnon of Gairloch by Rev Donald Mackinnon, Portree. The following pages are offered as a tribute of affection to the memory of Rev Mackinnon, of Gairloch. They present him as seen by public men and his friends, and together form a not unworthy memorial of one, who for his stately figure, strong personality and nobility of character, was admired and greatly beloved wherever he was known. Booklet, Printed in 1926. 36 Pages. £25 Scarce.
  196. 196.The Men of Lewis Part 1 by Rev Norman C Macfarlane. Contents: Kenneth Ross, Crobeag, Donald Morrison, Fivepenny, John Macleod, Galson, Aonghas Nam Beann, Uig, Murdo Macdonald, Guershader, John Campbell, Harris, Angus Matheson, Uig, Finlay Munro, Tain, Angus Maciver, Uig, Alexander Morrison, Stornoway. Booklet, a reprint of the original publication from the 1960’s. 44 Pages. £15
  197. 197.The Men of Lewis Part Two by Rev Norman C. Macfarlane. Contents: John and Alexander Macleod, Lochs, Malcolm Campbell and Donald Maclean, Bragar, Angus Morrison, Dell, Murdo and Alexander Maciver, Ranish, Kenneth Macpherson, Ness, The Two Roderick Macleods, Bayble, Hector Morrison, Swordale, Smith, Morrison and Nicolson, Gravir, Catechist Murdo Macleod, Lochs, Malcolm Maclean, Shawbost. Booklet, a reprint of the original publication from the 1960’s. 47 Pages. £15
  198. 198.George Wishart -Scholar, saint, Reformer, Martyr. A St Mary’s College Book. In commemorating the four hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of George Wishart it has been thought good to reprint the contemporary narrative by his disciple and intimate friend John Knox. Booklet, Printed in 1946. 27 Pages. £6
  199. 199.Alexander Macaskill of Drynoch by Kenneth J. Macleay. This booklet is a tribute to the life and witness of one of the most outstanding laymen which the Church in the Highlands has produced this century. Alexander Macaskill (1873-1965) Booklet, Printed circa late 1960’s. 36 Pages. £6
  200. 200.Principles of Conduct by John Murray.  Aspects of Biblical Ethics. 10 Chapters and 5 Appendices. H.B. With D/J Published in 1957. 272 Pages. Some tears in the D/J. £8 
  201. 201.Strathbrock or The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Uphall by Rev James Primrose, M.A. (Formerly of Broxburn) Cathederal Square United Presbyterian Church, Glasgow. Contents include: The Prehistoric, The Celtic Place Names, Strathbrock Castle, it’s remains, Houston House, The Good Lord Douglas, Bangour and William Hamilton the poet, Uphall Kirk, One of the Early Churches, Uphall Kirk, Clergymen before the reformation, It’s Former Proprietors, Cross Green, Arms of Dennistoun, Broxburn Old Village and Main Street, etc etc. 16 Chapters in total and an Index. This book was originally  printed in 1898, this facsimilie copy of the original copy is dated 1983. H.B. 120 pages. £35
  202. 202.The Clan Munro (Clann an Rothaich) A Beacon Ablaze by Charles Iain Fraser of Reelig. Late Albany Herald Sometime Dingwall Pursuivant of Arms. With Tartans and Chief’s Arms in Colour, and a Map. Johnston’s Clan Histories. P.B. Originally Printed in 1954, this reprint is from 1959. 32 Pages. The first page which possibly could have been blank has been torn out. £6
  203. 203.Brigh Nam Facal. Faclair Ur don Bhun-Sgoil. Air a dheasachadh le Richard A.V. Cox. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1991. 442 Duilleag. £8
  204. 204.The Heavenly Footman. An Gille Ruith Meamhaidh no, Cunntas Mu’n duine a Theid do Neamh agus Cia mar bu choir dha ruith chum’s gun ghlac e’n Duais Le Mr Iain Buinian. Maille ri beatha an Ughdair le caraid da fein, a bha gle eolach air. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1894. 96 Duilleag. £25  
  205. 205.Duilleagan Leughaidh Iain a Chnuic. A Chuirm Bhainnse. Leis an Urramach Eoin MacRaing MacGhille -Anndrais nach maireann. Air a thionndadh gu Gaidhlig. The Marriage Feast. Sermon by the late Rev Jonathan Ranken Anderson Translated into Gaelic. An Dara Clo Bhualadh. Pamphlet, Printed in 1944. 16 Pages. Scarce. £10
  206. 206.John Macleod D.D. by Rev G.N.M. Collins. 12 Chapters and includes articles Principal Macleod wrote about Finlay Munro and Archibald Crawford. H.B. Published in 1951. 1st Edition. 285 Pages. £15
  207. 207.The Scottish Covenanters by James Barr B.D. Glasgow. The Book is in two parts. Part 1 Deals with the General History of the Covenant and Part two deals with the Counties and the Covenant. This is a Second Edition published in February 1947 and has two additional chapters with llustrations. H.B. 266 Pages. £8
  208. 208.All About Arran by R. Angus Downie.  13 Chapters with 3 Appendices with The Place Names of Arran, Distances, Walks, Golf Courses and Fishing, List of Plants, Bibliography and Index. H.B. Originally Published in 1933, this edition is from 1946. 164 Pages. £8
  209. 209.River of Fire -The Clydebank Blitz by John Macleod. In this book, the award winning journalist John Macleod brings to life a warm hearted and surprisingly modern community, her place in the forefront f practically everything that has hammered Scotland through over a century, her 1941 ordeal by blast and fire, and the patience and resilience and irrepressible humanity of her remarkable people. The book is in Three Parts, and has a list of the casualties, Two Poems for Jim MacKinven, Sources,Index and Illustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 338 Pages. £8
  210. 210.The Heart is Highland. Memories of a childhood in a Scottish Glen by Maisie Steven. This book is a fascinating month by month account of a child’s life in the Scottish Highlands in the thirties and forties. P.B. Published in 2001. 160 Pages. £6
  211. 211.The Restless Voyage Being an account By Archibald Campbell, Seaman, of his wanderings in five oceans from 1806 -1812. Written and Published in Edinburgh in 1816 and Supplemented and Re-Re Indited in 1948 from Documents Dealing with his further History in Scotland and America by Stanley D. Porteus. The story of seaman Archibald Campbell from Paisley and his adventures as a seaman between 1806 and 1812 around the world. H.B. With D/J Published in 1949. 21 Chapters. 280 Pages. £30. Scarce.
  212. 212.The Midwinter Music. A Scottish Anthology for the Festive Season. Edited by Marjory Greig. Assisted by Marjorie Wilson. With illustrations by Joyce Greig and Music transcribed by John Wood. P.B. Published in 1995. 161 Pages. £8
  213. 213.Peters Letters to his Kinsfolk by John Gibson Lockhart. Edited by William Ruddick. The present selection (which follows the text of Lockhart’s revised second edition) attempts to clarify the essential arguments of Peter’s Letters while dispensing with the numerous pen portraits of lesser Edinburgh personalities. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 204 Pages. £12
  214. 214.John Galt Selected Short Stories. Edited by Ian A. Gordon. 10 Short Stories, Notes, Annotations and Vocabulary. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 213 Pages. £6
  215. 215.The Scottish Covenanters 1660-88 by Ian B. Cowan. Dr Cowan who was a Senior Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow -provides a modern account of the struggle between the Covenanters and the state and presents an original interpretation of its significance. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 10 Chapters, 191 Pages. £10
  216. 216.Ireland Its Saints and Scholars by J.M. Flood. 10 Chapters. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. 118 Pages. £10   
  217. 217.The Archaeology of Late Celtic Britain and Ireland. C400-1200 AD. By Lloyd Laing. The book is in two Parts: Part One: The regional field archaeology of Late Celtic Britain and Ireland. Part Two: The material culture of the Early Christian Celts. Two appendixes. P.B. Published in 1975. 451 Pages. £12
  218. 218.Scotsman’s Return and other essays by Hugh MacLennan. Author of ‘The Watch That Ends The Night’ A collection of 29 Essays. H.B. With D/J Published in 1961. 1St Edition. 272 Pages. £15
  219. 219.Alasdair MacColla and the Highland Problem in the 17th Century by David Stevenson. The first biography of MacColla that was ever written, and it analysis the changes which took place in the Highlands in the seventeenth Century. He had  a central place in a crucial phase in the clash between the two basic cultures in the British Isles and his violent death and the destruction of his clan were the prelude to the fate which overcame all his Gaelic world. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 1st Edition.  324 Pages. £15
  220. 220.Gaelic Songs of Mary Macleod. Edited with Introduction, Translation, Notes, Etc by J. Carmichael Watson. Orain agus Luinneagan Gaidhlig le Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh. H.B. Published in 1934. 1st Edition. 155 Pages. £12  
  221. 221.Comunn Eachdraidh Sgire a Bhac. Litir Fiosrachaidh An T-Og Mhios 1988. Contains historical and news items. A4 Size Publication. 22 Pages. £5
  222. 222.Two Issues of the short lived Comunn Eachdraidh a Rubha Newsletter Seanchas. Not dated but possibly from the late 1980’s. Both issues contain historical articles  and are A4 Size Publications with 15 Pages in each newsletter. £8
  223. 223.Sanais -Newsletter of Comunn Eachdraidh Uig -Isle of Lewis. 12 Issues in total and contain a selection of  news articles relevant to the time. A4 Size Publications. £20 
  224. 224.  Togail Tir Marketing Time. The Map of the Western Isles. Edited by Finlay Macleod. This book is concerned with the many ways in which a given landscape -in this case the Western Isles of Scotland -may be experienced, depicted and described. A collection of articles from different writers on the subject. A4 Size Publication. Published in 1989. 160 Pages. £8
  225. 225.Rugby’s Great Heroes and Entertainers by Bill McLaren. The author who was in his day Britain’s most respected and best loved rugby commentator, selects the greatest players and characters in the game that he has watched during his illustrious career. H.B. With D/J Published in 2003. 302 Pages. £6
  226. 226.Beyond the Highland Line by Richard Frere. In this book the author describes his life in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Frere is immensely readable in his description of the joys of physical labour in unmatched surroundings, very funny as he staggers from one outrageous mishap to another and finally very moving in the total honesty of his own self -portrait. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. 217 Pages. £8
  227. 227.Clanship, Commerce and the House of Stuart, 1603-1788 by Allan I.Macinnes. This book offers an appraisal of clanship both with respect to its vitality and its eventual demise,In which the author views clanship as a socio economic as well as a political agency, deriving its strength from personal obligations and mutual service between chiefs and gentry and their clansmen. P.B. Published in 1996. 8 Chapters and appendices. 288 Pages. £8
  228. 228.Outer Isles by A. Goodrich Freer. With Illustrations by Allan Baraud. Islands covered in this book are: Tiree, Barra, South Uist, Eriskay, Benbecula and North Uist, Lewis, Harris. H.B. Published in 1902. 1st Edition. 18 Chapters and Illustrations. 448 Pages. £45
  229. 229.The Story of the Inverurie Churches Canteen by Alex S. Crichton. Booklet, Printed In 1946. This copy is a presentation copy signed by the author. 41 Pages. £8
  230. 230.The Scots Word Book. English – Scots - Scots-English Vocabularies. Pronunciation, Spelling, Grammar and Idiom. By William Graham. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 194 Pages. £6
  231. 231.The Past in the Present: What is Civilisation? Being Ten of the Rhind Lectures on Archaeology Delivered in 1876 and 1878 by Arthur Mitchell. H.B Published in 1880. 354 Pages. Includes Illustrations. Ex Library Copy. £30
  232. 232.Highways and Byways Round Stonehaven by Archibald Watt. A guide to some of the attractions of the area. 8 different routes are covered in this publication. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1976, this edition is from 1984. This is a presentation copy signed by the author. 205 Pages. £8
  233. 233.A History of Fife and Kinross by AE.J.G. Mackay. 15 Chapters, List of Books Relating to Fife and Kinross, The Cupar Press, List of Maps of Fife and Kinross. H.B. Published in 1896. 1st Edition. 404 Pages. £20
  234. 234.The Clergy and the Clearances. The Church and the Highland Crisis 1790-1850 by David Paton. The religious and social divides engendered in the Highlands during the period 1790-1850 are still crucial to our understanding of the area. Taking evidence from the far north of Sutherland and Ross -the epicentre of the crisis -David Paton uses unusual and revealing evidence, including Gaelic poetry, to produce a more complex and subtle analysis of the Highland crisis. P.B. Published in 2006. 251 Pages. £8
  235. 235.St Kilda by Norman Heathcote. With 80 Illustrations from Sketches and Photographs of the People, Scenery and Birds by the Author. Contents: St Kilda in the Past, St Kilda and the St Kildans, Boating and Climbing in St Kilda, The Birds of St Kilda, St Kilda in the Future. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1900, this reprint is from 1985. 229 Pages. £20
  236. 236.The Ochre and The Blue. The Story of the Missionary Work of the Free Church of Scotland in South Africa in the Twentieth Century by Bill & Elizabeth Graham. P.B. Published in 2009. 276 Pages. £6
  237. 237.A place to Pitch Your Tents. The story of Scripture Union Camps in Scotland. Edited by Jim Findlay, Elizabeth Candlish & Sheila Kilpatrick. This book was published to mark the 50th Anniversary of Inter School Camps. P.B. Published in 1987. Includes Illustrations. 194 Pages. £5
  238. 238.Lewis in the Passing by Calum Ferguson. Interviews with 21 islanders on the Isle of Lewis, and whose lives spanned the greater part of the Twentieth Century. P.B. Originally Published in 2007, this reprint is from 2009.   310 Pages. £6
  239. 239.Golspie’s Story. Compiled by Margaret Wilson Grant. The Parish of Golspie in the Shire of Sutherland 850 to 1850 A.D. One Thousand Years of Local History. This book is in three parts: One -From Pics to Presbyteries, Two -The 18th Century -fundamental changes, Three 1800-1850 the period of development. Appendices and Map. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 176 Pages. £10
  240. 240.Skye Camanachd -A Century Remembered by Martin Macdonald. 14 Chapters, on the history of the Shinty Club from 1892-1992. Also has many photographs. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. 142 Pages. £10
  241. 241.The Scottish Highlands A Short History (c.300-1746) by W.R. Kermack. With 6 Maps. 15 Chapters. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1957, this reprint is from 1967. 160 Pages. £6
  242. 242.The Wild Flowers of Islay. A Checklist by Malcolm Ogilvie. Line Drawings by Carol Ogilvie. Booklet, Printed in 1995. 60 Pages. £6
  243. 243.Tour in the Highlands & Western Islands, 1800 by John Leyden. Edited, with a Bibliography by James Sinton. The tour took place between 14th July -1st October 1800. H.B. Published in 1903. 1st Edition. 318 Pages. £35
  244. 244.Children of the Black House by Calum Ferguson. A fascinating glimpse into life on the Hebridean Island of Lewis, from the middle of the 19th Century up to the 1970’s. This remarkable memoir is a treasury of personal recollections, traditional tales, poetry and songs, and contains a wealth of detail about everyday life on through those years. P.B. Published in 2003, Includes Illustrations. 310 Pages. £8
  245. 245.The Scottish Regiments a Pictorial History 1633-1987 by P.J. R Mileham.  11 Chapters and covers all the Scottish Regiments, Includes a Map, Appendix, Bibliography and Index. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. 304 Pages. £8
  246. 246.The Highlands and the Highlanders. The Past and Future of a Race. A’Ghaidhealtachd: Ar Dileab ‘s ar Dochas. A book that was written on the subject for the Empire Exhibition, Glasgow in 1938. It has 10 chapters dealing with various Highland issues by different writers, also includes Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1938. 165 Pages. £25
  247. 247.The Autumn Road to the Isles by ‘BB’ 65 engravings by Denys Watkins -Pitchford.  19 Chapters and Illustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 1959. 1st Edition. 176 Pages. £8
  248. 248.Reminiscences of an Orkney Parish by John Firth. Together with Old Orkney Words, Riddles and Proverbs. 26 Chapters. H.B. With D/J Published in 1974. 162 Pages. £15
  249. 249.Criomagan Ioma Dhathte le Iain Aonghas Macleoid. Leabhar de sgeulachdan mu ioma cuspair. 14 Sgeulachd uile gu leir. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1973. 116 Duilleag. £5
  250. 250.The Scotch by John Kenneth Galbraith. With Illustrations by Samuel H. Bryant.  The story of the Scotch in Canada is, with variation the story of English, Irish, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and numerous other ethnic settlements from which rural America was made. H.B. With D/J Published in 1964, this is a reprint from 1964. 145 Pages. £6 
  251. 251.The City of Aberdeen Official Handbook and Industrial Review. Fourth Edition. Compiled and Edited by H. Webber, M.B.E. Publicity Officer for the Corporation of the City of Aberdeen. P.B. Date of Printing Unknown. 260 Pages. £6
  252. 252.Annals of the Parish or the Chronicle of Dalmailing during the Ministry of the Rev Micah Balwhidder written by himself arranged and edited by John Galt. Illustrated by Henry W. Kerr. H.B.Published in 1910. 51 Chapters. 283 Pages. £15
  253. 253.Glasgow Cathedral. A Short History and Guide with Illustrations. By The Rev Nevile Davidson, D.D. Minister of Glasgow. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 32 Pages. £6
  254. 254.Iona -Past and Present with Maps by Alec & Euphemia Ritchie. Contents: Iona -Historical Sketch of the Island, The Nunnery, The Abbey or Cathedral, Ancient Burial Sites, A Sketch of the Geology of Iona, Addenda to Third Edition, Botany of Iona and Staffa, Ornithology of Iona, Place Names, Connections. Includes photographs. H.B. Originally Published in 1928, this Third Edition is from 1942. 42 Pages. £15
  255. 255.Lord of the Dance. A Moncrieffe Miscellany. Edited by Hugh Montgomery Massingberd. Diverse Writings of Sir Iain Moncrieffe of that Ilk,Bt, Albany Herald of Arms. 8 Chapters and an Index. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. 272 Pages. £6
  256. 256.Scapa -Britain’s Famous Wartime Naval base by James Miller. In this book, illustrated with over 130 archive photographs, the author traces the story of this remarkable place, weaving together history, eyewitness accounts and personal experience to capture the life and spirit of Scapa Flow when it was home to thousands of service personnel and the most powerful fleet in the world. P.B. Originally Published in 2000, this reprint with corrections was printed in 2005. 192 Pages. £6
  257. 257.Old Days in a Highland Fishing Village by Robert John Mackay. A Selection of Stories from the Original Book. 16 Short Stories and Poems. Booklet, Date of Printing unknown, but possibly late 1960’s early 1970’s. 28 Pages. £10
  258. 258.Among Friends An Autobiography by Alastair Dunnett.  Forty Years of working for the press took him to the top of his profession as one of the most prominent and influential editors of the post war years.  H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. 14 Chapters. 234 Pages. £5
  259. 259.S.Ninian Apostle of the Britons & Picts by Archibald B. Scott. A Research Study of the First Founding of the Church in Britain. 12 Chapters and also Includes Plates and Maps. H.B. Published in 1916. 132 Pages. £20
  260. 260.Traditional Life in Shetland by James R. Nicolson. 12 Chapters from The islands, People, Dialect, The Croft, The Work of the Sea, Superstitions and Folklore, The Cycle of Life etc, etc. Originally Published in 1978, this first P.B. Edition is from 1990. 206 Pages. £5
  261. 261.The Making of a Scottish Landscape. Moray’s Regular Revolution 1760-1840 by John R. Barrett. This book explores the making of the Moray countryside and offers an intimate portrait of people in the landscape on the distant shoulder of northeast Scotland. P.B. Published in 2015. 271 Pages. £5
  262. 262.The Road to Glen Spean by Christina Hall. Her earlier books were about her Hebridean upbringing. Now, she continues her story and leaves her sheltered upbringing behind. As her army husband is offered a variety of exotic posts, Christina finds herself lugging her young family across the globe, embracing different countries and cultures, moving from the Far East to Wales and then to South Africa where apartheid is still firmly established. P.B. Published in 2005. 176 Pages. £5
  263. 263.More Moments from Memories. The People of Bonar Bridge. Edited by Sarah Horne. A selection of personal memories from individuals connected to the village. Booklet, Printed in July 2003. 40 Pages. £6
  264. 264.Who Owns Scotland by John McEwan. This book is the culmination of many years research by the author -is perhaps the most convincing argument for that cause, charting acre by acre, exactly who owns the land we live in. As such it provides the first approximation of a Land Register for Scotland since the Government survey of 1874. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1977, this revised edition was printed in 1978. 120 Pages. £8
  265. 265.Boysie by Isabel Cameron. The following pages are from the life history of a man of five years. 9 Chapters. P.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. Sixth Impression. 66 Pages. £5
  266. 266.Celtic Mythology and Religion With Chapters Upon Druid Circles and Celtic Burial by Alexander MacBain. With Introductory Chapters & Notes by Professor W.J. Watson.  Contents includes Introduction, Articles on Celtic Mythology and Religion, The Druid Circles and Celtic Burial. H.B. Published in 1916. 252 Pages. £30
  267. 267.The Maiden Voyage by Joan Biggar. The author’s first novel which is based upon diaries which were kept by early New Zealand emigrants in the nineteenth century. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 156 Pages. £5
  268. 268.Ross Shire Roll of Honour. Portraits of Officers and Men on Active Service. A centenary Edition of the Ross Shire Roll of Honour. A Facsimilie copy of the book that was published in 1915. H.B. With D/J Published in 2014. 164 Pages. £10
  269. 269.The Resurgence of Arminianism by Rev Kenneth A. Macrae Stornoway. Booklet, 32 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £6
  270. 270.Golden Moments in the Memory of a Town. Hope British Columbia 1929-1979. A Jubilee Sampler. Compiled & Written by Frances Thomas. A selection of articles on the town and its people. Booklet, Printed in 1979, 72 Pages. £6
  271. 271.Thandabantu. The Man Who Loved the People. J.Cameron Fraser. Foreword by Lord Mackay. Booklet, Printed in 2010, 70 Pages. £5
  272. 272.Torosay Castle and Gardens, Craignure, Isle of Mull by David Guthrie James. Booklet, 14 Pages. Printed in 1976, includes photographs. £5
  273. 273.Hamewith and other poems by Charles Murray. H.B. With D/J this collection was first published in 1929, this reprint is from 1968. 180 Pages. £6
  274. 274.The Art & Function of Rosemarkie’s Pictish Monuments by Isabel Henderson. This booklet is the text of a lecture given on the occasion of the re opening of Groam House Museum as a Pictish centre for Ross and Cromarty on June 1st 1989. Booklet, Printed in 1990, this reprint is from 1991. 29 Pages. £5
  275. 275.A Walk round the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, St Andrews. Pamphlet, 4 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. Also includes 2 newspaper cuttings. £4
  276. 276.Cunnartan Cuain le Aonghas Mac a Phi. Da eachdraidh de tachartasan a ghabh aite as an Eilean Sgitheanach. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1981. 87 Duilleag. £5
  277. 277.St Monance Church. Pamphlet, 6 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £4
  278. 278.Elgin The Official Guide with Map and Street Plan. Booklet, 32 Pages includes illustrations and Adverts. Date of Printing Unknown. £6
  279. 279.Blythswood Recipe Book. A recipe book compiled by the Lairg/Rogart/Rosehall Blythswood Support Committee. P.B. With Ringbinding. 120 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £8
  280. 280.The Laurel Bank Story 1903-1978 by Morven Cameron. A book on the history and reminiscences of a small school. P.B. Published in 1978. 44 Pages. £6
  281. 281.Gentle Johnny Ramensky. The Extraordinary True Story of The Safe Blower Who Became a War Hero by Robert Jeffrey. P.B. Published in 2010. 211 Pages. £5
  282. 282.Old Roads to Strathardle by John Kerr. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LI. Booklet, Printed in 1981. 66 Pages. £6
  283. 283.Orain le Cairstiona Sheadha. Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1980. 21 Duilleag. £5
  284. 284.Scottish Verse from the Book of the Dean of Lismore. Edited by William J. Watson. P.B. Published in 1937.155 Pages. £12
  285. 285.At the Sign of Cleikum. Reminiscences of Innerleithen 1926-1932 by J.A. Anderson. Edited by Olive M.W. Russell. P.B. Published in 1996. 40 Chapters. 198 Pages. £8
  286. 286.A Mosaic of Islands by Kenneth Williamson and J Morton Boyd. Contents: Faeroe Island Days, A Mosaic of Islands, Rhum -The Research Island, In Search of Seal Islands, North Rona, Hirta of St Kilda, Boreray of St Kilda, Appendix, References, Index. H.B.With D/J Published in 1963. 1st Edition. 187 Pages. £15
  287. 287.Corstorphine Church and Tomb of Forester. Brochure, 5 pages and describes the church in detail. Originally Printed in 1958, this eighth enlarged edition is from 1971. £5
  288. 288.Strange Things. The Story of Father Allan Macdonald, Ada Goodrich Freer,and the Society for Physical Research’s Enquiry into Highland Second Sight. Edited by John L. Campbell and Trevor H. Hall. Contents: The S.P.R Enquiry into Second Sight in the Scottish Highlands, The Strange Story of Ada Goodrich Freer, Ada Goodrich Freer and Fr Allan Macdonald’s Folklore Collection, Strange Things. 2 Appendixes, General Index. P.B. Originally Published in 1968, this edition was published in 2006. 350 Pages. £8
  289. 289.Private Papers of James Boswell rom Malahide Castle. Isham Collection. Contents: Publisher’s Note, Preface, Table of Illustrations, Extract from Sir Richard Baker’s Chronicle of the Kings of England, Text of a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. Appendix: Correspondence between Boswell and Lord Elibank, Index.  H.B. Published in 1936. 1st Edition. 435 Pages. £25
  290. 290.The Practice of the Free Church of Scotland in Her Several Courts. Revised Edition. Prepared and Published by the Authority of the General Assembly. H.B. Published in 1964.  4 Chapters and Appendices of Acts and Documents. 232 Pages. £8
  291. 291.Letters from a Highland Township by Elizabeth and Ian Macpherson.  H.B. Published in March 1939. 1st Edition. 240 Pages. £6
  292. 292.The Men of Lewis by Norman C. Macfarlane. A reprint of the two volumes of the booklets ‘Men of Lewis’ that were originally printed in 1924, and reprinted in the early 1960’s. P.B. Published in 2015. 271 Pages. £6
  293. 293.Poems Scots and English by W.D. Cocker. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1932, this reprint is from 1979. 220 Pages. £6
  294. 294.Laoidhean agus Orain le Ian Stiubhart e Col, Eilean Leodhais. Leabharann, 12 Laoidh agus Orain uile gu leir. Chan eil fios cuin a chaidh a chlo bhualadh. £5
  295. 295.Kirk On The Craig. Charles Kirk’s Photography on Ailsa Craig 1896-1922. Published by Friends of the McKechnie Institute, Girvan. By T.Norman Tait. A collection of restored photographs taken by Charles Kirk during his annual visits to Ailsa Craig between 1896-1922 depicting the social and natural history of the island. P.B. Published in September 2005. 80 Pages. £8
  296. 296.Reminiscences of a Highland Parish by Norman Macleod. With Six Illustrations.  22 Chapters. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown, but it has a date of 1912 written in pen. 314 Pages. £8
  297. 297.The Isle of Foula. A Series of Articles on Britain’s loneliest inhabited isle. By the late Professor Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn Laird of Foula for thirty five years. Edited with Memoir, by M.C. Stoughton Holbourn. Illustrated. 15 Chapters, Memoir, Appendix. H.B. Published in 1938. 1st Edition. 256 Pages. £25
  298. 298.The Glimmering Landscape by Charles L. Warr, Minister of St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh, Dean of the Thistle and of the Chapel Royal in Scotland. The autobiography of one of the best known of all the great living names in the religious and social life of Scotland. H.B. With D/J. 7 Chapters and an Index. Published in 1960. 1st Edition. 320 Pages. £10
  299. 299.My Friend Jessie Anne Macfarquhar of Dell Farm, Ness, Isle of Lewis. Compiled by Annie Morrison. A Booklet, with stories of a Christian nature about a remarkable woman. Booklet, Date of Printing unknown. 28 Pages. £5
  300. 300.Stornoway Historical Society. Journal -Issue No. 10 July 1998. Contents:  A Note from the Editor, HMS Racoon, Roundheads in Lewis -Part One, Reminiscences of Stornoway (Continued), The Post Office in Wartime, Who was Murdo(ch) Morrison: Settler at the Cape -1801, Extracts from the autobiography of Rev. Norman Campbell Macfarlane, Boyhood Games in Stornoway, Journal Extract 1898, Funerals in Stornoway (1899),  Old Films in Stornoway, Female Industrial School 1848, A Bit of a Mystery. A4 Size Publication. 37 Pages. £5
  301. 301.Stornoway Historical Society -Journal Issue no 30. July 2008. Contents:  From the Editors Chair, Temperance Reform, The Sunday Question 1857, Looking Back, Benchmarks In and Around Stornoway, The Family of the Rev James Greenfield of Stornoway Part two, Reminiscences of a Stornowegian in Australia, in Thirteen Parts. A4 Size Publication. 37 Pages. £5
  302. 302.Sy Gone By -Stornoway Historical Society Journal Winter/Spring 2016/17. Issue No 47. Contents: Editorial, Reminiscences of a Community, Battle of the Somme 1916, The Nicolson Institute Clocktower, The First Aircraft to Land on Lewis,Point Street in the Fifties, Lews Castle Restored, 18th Century Fishing Out of Stornoway, The Stornoway Shipping Company, German Seaman Buried in Stornoway With Swastika Flag on Coffin. A4 Size Publication, 38 Pages. £5
  303. 303.Sop as Gach Seid. Carloway Historical Society. Issue Number 31 -August 2005. A4 Size Colour Publication.  A good selection of articles which are historical and current. 56 Pages. £5
  304. 304.Sop As Gach Seid. Carloway Historical Society Issue Number 32. August 2006. A4 Size Colour Publication. A good selection of articles which are historical and current. 56 Pages. £5
  305. 305.A Future for Peat by Jim A Johnston. A booklet Published by the Caithness Branch of SPALDA -The Scottish Peat and Land Development Association. The series of articles which this pamphlet is based appeared originally in the ‘John O’ Groat Journal’ in the spring of 1980. Booklet, Printed in 1981, 48 Pages. £6
  306. 306.The Right of Protest Against Decisions of Church Supreme Courts in Presbyterian Churches in Scotland -1975. Booklet, Printed in 1975, 102 Pages. £6
  307. 307.Birlinn- Longships of the Hebrides by John Macaulay. Foreword by Magnus Magnusson. The author’s book brings together, for the first time, all the surviving sources about the birlinn, and tells its story with all the verve and dash it richly deserves. P.B. Published in 1996. 122 Pages. £6
  308. 308.Mo La Gu Seo. Eachdraidh mo Bheatha le Tomas M. MacCalmain. Deasaichte le Domhnall E. Meek. Eachdraidh a bheatha bho 1907-1971. P.B. Ar Fhoillseachadh ann an 2011. 237 Duilleag. £8
  309. 309.Unsearchable Riches. Selected Sermons of Rev Donald Maclean. The Rev Maclean 1915-2010 was a Minister in the Free Presbyterian Church. There is also a biography of him in this book along with 12 Sermons. P.B. Published in 2013. 213 Pages. £6
  310. 310.Buchanan, the Sacred Bard of the Scottish Highlands. His Confessions and his Spiritual Songs Rendered into English Verse. With his Letters and a Sketch of His Life by Lachlan MacBean. Contents: Preface, Bibliography, Life of Dugald Buchanan, The Spiritual Songs, The Confessions, Appendices. H.B. Published in 1919. 224 Pages. £20
  311. 311.Ninety Eighth Annual Report of The Scottish ‘Monthly Visitor’ Tract Society 1930. H.B. Date of Publishing circa 1931. A report of the year’s events and includes sermons in English and Gaelic, and all the articles that appeared in its magazines that year. Scarce. £25
  312. 312.A Croft in the Hills by Katherine Stewart. With a Foreword by Neil Gunn. This book which was first published in 1960, is a classic among Highland Boks. It captures, in simple moving descriptions, what is was really like trying to make a living out of a hill croft near Loch Ness fifty years ago. P.B. Originally published in 1960, this reprint is from2005. 159 pages. £5
  313. 313.Imprints in Time. A History of Scottish Publishers Past and Present. By BA Publishing Students Napier Polytechnic of Edinburgh. This is the first book to bring the Scottish publishing and printing trades to life. Its biographical approach is enhanced by a host of engaging illustrations and it offers a comprehensive analysis of those Scots who created a distinctly national publishing industry from the sixteenth century to the present day. P.B. Published in 1991. 130 Pages.  £6
  314. 314.The Case of the Ross and Cromarty Rangers. (The Aberdeen Riot) by Professor Francis Lyall. Reprinted from the Juridicial Review 1995, Part 1. Pamphlet, 15 Pages. £6
  315. 315.Hills and Vales of Tweed and Clyde. A Descriptive Guide to Upper Clyde & Tweed by Gilbert Rae. A Brief Historical and Topographical Survey of Upper Clyde and Tweed in Prose and Verse. P.B. Date of Printing Unknown. 111 Pages. £8
  316. 316.Macdonalds Guide to Staffa Iona and Island of Mull.Illustrated with Maps and Plates Including Lexact Representations of the Iona Monuments. Improved and Revised Edition. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 42 Pages. £8
  317. 317.Ancient & Mediaeval Sculptured Stones of Islay by W.D. Lamont. In this volume the author has used this fresh knowledge to distinguish the ancient from the mediaeval work, classify the main types and where the few legible inscriptions permit, suggest the probable identity of the persons commemorated. P.B. Originally Published in 1968, this reprint is from 1972. 60 Pages and 35 Pages of Plates. £10
  318. 318.J. Mesleard. In Memoriam. A book of poems 15 in total. Mr Mesleard was for many years a Teacher at the Nicolson Institute. This booklet of poems seems to be very scarce and is a presentation copy from the author and signed by him. Booklet, Printed in 1979, 22 Pages. £12
  319. 319.Standardizing Welfare. An Address by Lord Leverhulme To the Students of Sheffield University September 24th 1917.  Apart from the address the book also has appendices and photographs of the factory and staff. Appendices include the factory building, staff welfare issues, staff social club, housing, benefits, staff savings accounts, etc, etc. A4 Size Booklet. 74 Pages. £65 Scarce.
  320. 320.Scots the Mither Tongue by Billy Kay. 11 Chapters. P.B Published in 1986.  191 Pages. £6 
  321. 321.Somerled and the Emergence of Gaelic Scotland by John Marsden. Exhaustively researched yet eminently readable, this first book length account of the historical Somerled assembles, evaluates and interprets the full spectrum of evidence -from Scottish and Manx chroniclers, Irish annalists and Gaelic tradition bearers -for his life and legend. P.B. 7 Chapters, Notes and References, Genealogies, Bibliography, Index, with Illustrations. 180 Pages. £8
  322. 322.The Archaeology of Skye and the Western Isles by Ian Armit. 12 Chapters, Appendix, Bibliography, Index. P.B. Originally Printed in 1996, this reprint is from 2002. 264 Pages. £8
  323. 323.Brose and Bogie Roll by George Matthew.  A story written in Doric of a plain and simple working life.  Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 46 Pages. £6
  324. 324.Women, Saints and Servants by Barbara E. Smith. Booklet, Printed in 1990. 48 Pages. £5
  325. 325.Reading The Gaelic Landscape. Leughadh Aghaidh na Tire by John Murray. This book is essential for those interested in the Scottish Highlands and its ancient, living language. It will help readers to understand seemingly obscure and unreadable words on maps and provides insights into landscape history and ecology. 12 Chapters. P.B Published in 2014, a reprint from the same year. 232 Pages. Signed by the author. £6
  326. 326.Orain Ceildh Teaghlaich. The Family Ceilidh. Compiled by Brian O’ hEadhra. This book contains some of the best loved songs in the Gaelic singing tradition. There are translations and music notation included as well as an audio CD with each of the 23 songs in the collection. P.B. Published in 2013. 87 Pages. £6
  327. 327.Gnathasan cainnt air an cruinneachadh le Domhnall Greumach.  Clar Innse: Nadar an Duine, Orduighean is Bagairtean, Dreach Corporra, Staid an Aite, Muir is Tir, Gniomhan, Lathaichean agus Aimsir, Beachdan, Measgachadh. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 2010. 56 Pages. £6
  328. 328.Brigh an Orain. A Story in Every Song. The Songs and Tales of Lauchie Maclellan. Translated and Edited by John Shaw.  A penetrating look at the life and work of a twentieth century Gaelic singer, storyteller from Nova Scotia. It includes the words, music and English translations for the songs plus an autobiography told in Lauchie MacLellan’s usual entertaining style. Foreword by Alistair Macleod. H.B. Wit D/J Published in 2000. 427 Pages. £10
  329. 329.          The History of Steimreway. Published by Angus Macleod Archive & Comunn Eachdradh Na Pairc. Extracts from the Archive. Steimreway is a village in the South Lochs District on the Island of Lewis. Booklet, Printed in 2005, 28 Pages. £5
  330. 330.Memories of a Kenneth Street Boy by Allan Campbell.  Stories about growing up on a Stornoway street in the 1920’s and 30’s. Booklet, date of printing circa early 1990’s. 44 Pages. £6  
  331. 331.SY Story. A Portrait of Stornoway Harbour by Donald S. Murray. Illustrations by Douglas Robertson. Poet Donald S  Murray celebrates the Hebridean Capital in this collection which explains the history of Stornoway from the rime Mesolithic people sheltered there to the present day life as a bustling, modern harbour. P.B. Published in 2015. 140 Pages. £5
  332. 332.From Nature to Grace by Malcolm Macleod, Skye.  It has been strongly impressed on my mind to write about the dealings of the Lord with my soul, that it may be blessed to others and be to the glory of God.In doing this, I shall recount in outline, and with a sense of shame, the course of my life in my unconverted days. Booklet, Printed in 1976, 23 Pages. £8 Scarce.
  333. 333.Why Patagonia by Greta Mackenzie. Retracing the steps of the many island people who sought employment on the vast sheep estancias of Patagonia and elsewhere throughout the South American Continent in the early years of last century. Also gives a list of all those from the different areas of the Isle of Lewis who went to Patagonia, Includes Photographs. P.B.Published in 1995. 108 Pages. £6
  334. 334.Return to Patagonia by Greta Mackenzie. The author returns to this subject in this extended and updated version which expands on the incredible history of the enduring links between the Outer Hebrides and Patagonia, including accounts and many photographs of her return visits to Argentina and Chile since the publication of the original edition. P.B. Published in 2010, 186 Pages. £6
  335. 335.    Lewis Revivals of the 20th Century by Rev Norman Macleod. This booklet is produced from an address given in August 1988 by Mr Macleod to the Summer School of Theology in Larbert. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 17 Pages. £6
  336. 336.Colin M. Macleod (The Twin) From Stornoway to the Falklands and Zambia. Recollections from 1938 to 1970. Booklet, Printed in 2009. 40 Pages. £5
  337. 337.Pronnagan Gospel Advent in Barvas Parish. Translated by Agnes Murray, Edited by Rev. Calum I Macleod. A revised and updated version of the book written by the Rev John Macleod in the late 1940’s. Booklet, Printed in 2008, 43 Pages. £5
  338. 338.Rockhopper Copper. The life and times of the people of the most remote inhabited island on Earth. Tristan Da Cunha in the words of their former Chief Islander Conrad Glass.  This book is a story of Tristan islanders, told through the police notebook and anecdotes of Conrad Glass, a former Chief Islander and Conservation Officer, who is a direct descendant of the first settler and governor, William Glass. P.B. Originally Published in 2005, this reprint is from 2011. 164 Pages. £5
  339. 339.The Persecuted Family. From Tales of the Covenanters by Robert Pollok. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 73 Pages. £6
  340. 340.Gaelic Verbs systemised and Simplified by Colin Mark.  Within the covers of this book you will find help with all those aspects of Gaelic verbs which can be so troublesome to learners including Verbal Nouns, the Assertive Verb, Defective Verbs and Irregular Verbs. You will also encounter such incidental vocabulary, grammar and sound examples of usage. P.B. Originally Published in 1986, this reprint is from 2006. 319 Pages. £8
  341. 341.Gardening in Orkney and Shetland by John Burns. The writer’s long experience of gardening has seen him put together this volume which will serve as a reference to the types of plant likely to do well and to their needs for cultivation. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976, 27 Chapters and Illustrations. 79 Pages. £12
  342. 342.On the Island by Iain Crichton Smith. With Illustrations by Carol Fowke. A book of short stories based on the author’s childhood memories on the Isle of Lewis. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 125 Pages. £6
  343. 343.The Soul of an Orkney Parish by Stuart D.B. Picken. Studies in the life and history of an ancient Orkney Parish. 9 Chapters with notes, plus 5 Appendices. P.B. Published in 1972. 120 Pages. £10
  344. 344.The Mull Connection and other poems by Shaun Carmichael. A collection of 36 Poems. Booklet, Originally Printed in 1993, this reprint is from 1998. 32 Pages. £6
  345. 345.The Coming Storm Its Cause and Background by Rev Murdoch Campbell M.A.  Booklet, Date of Printing unknown but possibly in the 1940’s. 49 Pages. £6
  346. 346.Saved at a Highland Sheiling by John M Nicolson. No details about the author, but he may possibly be one of the Nicolson’s of Ness, Isle of Lewis who used to hold services in a church between Ness and Tolsta in the 1920’s and 30’s. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 8 Pages. £5
  347. 347.Reflections on the History of Stornoway and Lewis by Sandy Matheson. Based on a Talk to the Islands Book Trust. Booklet, Printed in 2008. 32 Pages. £5
  348. 348.Sermons by the Late John Macsween M.A. This book contains a short biography of the Rev Macsween and 20 Sermons. P.B. Published in 1999. 135 Pages. £5
  349. 349.Air a’ Mhisean.  A record of all those from Lewis and Harris who were missionaries in the Church of Scotland and the Free Church. Booklet, Printed in 1998. 49 Pages. £5
  350. 350.Hostail agus Sgeulachdan Eile le Tormod Caimbeul. 10 sgeulachdan  bho fear de phriomh sgriobaidearan na gaidhlig mu bheatha as a hostail a Steornabhagh. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1992. 91 Duilleag. £6 
  351. 351.Healing Threads. Traditional Medicines of the Highlands and Islands by Mary Beith.This book traces the history of Highland folk medicine from earliest times. The writer takes a fascinating look at these traditions, linking the threads of highland medicine across time and space to embrace the wider contexts of European orthodox medicine, Celtic art and rituals. P.B. Originally Published in 1995, this reprint is from 2004. 294 Pages. £6
  352. 352.A Sad Tale of the Sea. The Story of Malcolm Macdonald and Murdo Mackay on the Island of Rona by Michael Robson. The story of Macdonald and Mackay who went to the Island of Rona in 1884, and died there in mysterious circumstances in 1885. This book sheds new light on the mystery. Booklet,Printed in 2006. 50 pages. £6
  353. 353.The Big Men. Personal Memories of Glasgow’s Police by Joe Pieri. 19 Chapters, and also includes the eulogy by Len Murray on Joe Beattie. P.B. Originally Published in 2001, this reprint is from 2003. 184 Pages.  £5
  354. 354.Morrison of the Bounty. A Scotsman: Famous but Unknown. By James Shaw Grant. This perspective is written with emphasis on James Morrison, a Scot, who was the boatswain’s mate on HMS Bounty at the time of the mutiny. The account tries to understand Morrison’s personality and part in the happenings, from his being court martialled and found guilty, to his eventual reprieve. P.B. Published in 1997. 22 Chapters.  201 Pages. £8
  355. 355.Bardachd Leodhais. Air a dheasachadh le Iain N. Macleoid.  Tha bardachd as a leabhar seo bho aon deug bhard, orain thaghte agus dain spioradail. Tha cuideachd cunntas ann air seann eachdraidh Leodhais. Thainig a leabhar seo a mach an toiseach ann an 1916, chaidh a chlo bhualadh  arithist ann an 1955. Chaidh an leabhar seo fhoillseachadh ann an 1998. 321 Duilleag. £8
  356. 356.When I Heard the Bell. The Loss of the Iolaire by John Macleod. The story of Her Majesty’s Yacht Iolaire which ran aground at the mouth of Stornoway Harbour on New Year;s Day 1919, with the loss of over 200 lives. Acclaimed journalist John Macleod examines the events of that dreadful night and uncovers a story not only of official incompetence, error and neglect but also of individual heroism and the resilience and faith of a remarkable people. P.B. Published in 2010. 296 Pages. £8
  357. 357.Under Brinkie’s Brae by George Mackay Brown.  A selection of the author’s columns in the ‘Orcadian’ newspaper. H.B. with D/J Published in 1979. 1st Edition. 151 Pages. £8
  358. 358.The New English Gaelic Dictionary by Derick S. Thomson. P.B. Published in 1981. 210 Pages. £6
  359. 359.The Guga Hunters by Donald S. Murray. Every year, ten men from Ness, the district at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, sail north east to a remote and inhospitable rock called Sulasgeir. Here they catch the Guga -the almost fully grown gannet chicks that nest in the 22 foot high cliffs of the tiny island. After two weeks, they return with a cargo of 2,000 guga, pickled, salted and ready for the tables of Ness and beyond. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008.  259 Pages. £8  
  360. 360.  Cur is Dluth by Gus Wylie.  Selection of photos taken by Gus Wylie in the Isle of Skye and on the Isle of Le
  361. 361.wis in 1980. P.B. Published in 1981. 96 Pages. £10
  362. 362.The Magic of Skye by W.A. Poucher. With one hundred and forty eight photographs by the author. The pages of this book unfold the tale of the author’s trip to the Isle of Skye in the 1940’s, and may transport the reader to many places which are perhaps inaccessible to him and beyond the powers of attainment to others. 27 Chapters in all including Introductory Notes, The Coolins, Historical Sketch and a chapter on each area he visited on his trip. H.B. Published in 1949, 1st Edition. 223 Pages. £25
  363. 363.Darien Disaster by John Prebble. The word Darien is a scar in the memory of the Scots, and the hurt is still felt even where the cause is dimly understood. Two hundred and seventy years ago the Parliament of Scotland, in one of its last acts before the nation lost its political identity, defied the King and the persistent hostility of the English to establish a noble trading company, to settle a colony, and to recover its people from a century of despair, privation, famine and decay. This is the first detailed account of this episode. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968. 366 Pages. £8
  364. 364.Auld Lerwick A Personal Reminiscence by Jessie M.E. Saxby. Printed for The Lerwick Church Improvement Scheme Bazaar November 8, 9 and 10 1894. Booklet, Printed 1894. Some impressive Illustrations by a James Shand. The spine shows sign of fading and part of the bottom of the spine is missing but not damaged. There is also a tear at the bottom of the cover, but can be repaired. 64 Pages and has the author’s signature in it. It was also a presentation copy dated 1910. £35. Very Scarce.
  365. 365.Tang A Shetland Story By J.J Haldane Burgess. A Collection of 18 Short Stories based on people and events in Shetland. H.B. Published in 1898. 239 Pages. £25
  366. 366.Twixt Ben Nevis and Glencoe. The Natural History, Legends and Folk lore of the West Highlands by The Rev Alexander Stewart.  H.B. Published in 1885. 52 Chapters. 384 Pages. Ex Library Book. The first few pages are loose. £30
  367. 367.Oilwork -North Sea Diaries by Sue Jane Taylor. This is a remarkable visual and social commentary on a crucial development period in North Sea Oil. Taylor’s observations are augmented by factual descriptions of the sites by Ronnie Macdonald (the founder of the industry’s first off- shore union OILC) and 400 Illustrations. The book also includes a critical introduction of her work by Giles Sutherland. Contents:  Flotta Oil Terminal, Nigg, Loch Kishorn, BP Forties Field, Ardersier, Arnish, Piper Alpha, UIE, stirling Albion Supply Vessel, Sullom Voe, Piper Alpha Disaster, Piper Bravo Platform. P.B. Published in 2005. 202 Pages. £8
  368. 368.Northern Lights by George Mackay Brown. A Poet’s Sources. This book presents GMB’s writings on many of the places, people, legends and seasons that formed his vision and his work. Throughout the book, poems appear in counterpoint with prose. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999. 336 Pages. £8
  369. 369.Up the Ben Wi Eddie. Photos and Chat as we make our Way up the Ben Nevis Pony Track by Jimmy Jardine.  This book is based on photos and chatting with people the author met on the ascent of The Ben following the Pony Track from the bottom to the top. Along the way there is some history and a bit more about the annual Ben Nevis Race. This book was published in memory of the well known Lochaber man Eddie Campbell whose name is synonymous with the Ben Nevis Race. A4 Size Publication. Published in 2005 and signed by the author. 172 Pages. £10
  370. 370.Land Lines. An Illustrated journey through the Landscape and Literature of Scotland. Produced and Devised by The Scottish Literary Tour Company Ltd.  Photographs by Marius Alexander and Paul Basu. Contents: The Natural Landscape, Landscape and Community, The Other Landscape, Bibliography, Sources of Quotes, The Photographs and Photographers, Index of Places, Index of Names. P.B. A4 Size. Published in 2001. 181 Pages. £6
  371. 371.The Stones Around Callanish by Gerard and Margaret Ponting. A Guide to the ‘Minor’ Megalithic Sites of the Callanish Area (II to XIX) A4 Size Publication. This book was originally published in 1984, But this seems to be a reprint as there is an information sheet inside it which says July 1987 -update. 46 Pages. £8
  372. 372.George Washington Wilson in the Hebrides.  A collection of photographs taken by Washington Wilson in the Hebrides, divided into two sections; Habitat and habitation and another one dealing with people and their activities. P.B. Published in 1984. 44 Pages. £8
  373. 373.The Gaelic Of Islay: A Comparative Study by Seumas Grannd. Contents: Acknowledgements, Introduction, Minor Features, Major Features, Conclusion, Bibliography. The main aim of this study is to compare the vernacular Gaelic of Islay with the other dialects of Gaelic found within Argyll and Arran in an attempt to establish which dialects within this area bear the closest relationship to the Gaelic of Islay. A4 Size Publication. Published in 2000. 176 Pages. £15
  374. 374.Last Greetings from St Kilda by Bob Charnley. This book contains a selection of pre evacuation picture postcards of St Kilda taken from the author’s own collection. P.B. Published in 1989. 52 Pages. £8
  375. 375.Outer Hebrides. Localities of Geological and Geomorphological Importance. By the Geology and Physiography Section Nature Conservancy Council 1977. A4 Size Publication which is ring bound. 91 Pages. £15
  376. 376.Bardachd Raibeirt Burns An Gaidhlig. A cheud eadar theangachaidh de bhardachd Bhurns, gu leir, an canan sam bith. Eadar theangaichte le Ruairidh MacDhomhnaill. Air fhoillseachadh ann a cruth A4. 616 Duilleag. £10