The North Harris Trust are doing a number of guided walks this October. Here are the dates, as well as some snapshots from previous walks!

Thursday 23rd October 10am- 3pm

Roaring and Rutting at Langadale

Meet: at Bogha Glas car park (NB 185 115), Distance:  6 miles

A walk to Glen Langadale to experience the roars of red deer echoing around the Glen. This is a chance to learn about the life of our largest land mammal and the management of the North Harris deer herd.

Free of charge

Thursday 30th October 10am-3pm

Roaring and Rutting at Cravadale

Meet: Start of track on right just to the east of Amhuinnsuidhe castle (NB 052 077), Distance: 6 miles

Another chance to see the red deer rut in North Harris. The walk will take you into Glen Cravadale, a spectacular glen that has been shaped by the scouring action of glaciers.

Free of charge

Pictures by Matt Watts