Hebrides Harmony, the beauty therapy business owned by Terri McGeoghegan, today (Monday October 9) moved into the White Rooms hair & beauty salon in Bayhead.

The business, originally established in 2010, specialises in various beauty treatments hot stone massages, anti ageing facials, crystal facials as well as threading and waxing.

Another staple of the business is the well-received ‘Cambridge Weight Plan’. Terri, on her social media platform, describes the plan as seeing ‘incredible success’ on the island and has had no shortage of clients.

Terri herself saw great success while undertaking the plan. She stated in an article in EVENTS newspaper in January that she had struggled with her weight and was ‘putting on a stone a year.’ Her wakeup call was when she was informed at her first consultation she was ‘not only overweight but obese.’ She had tried ‘every diet that you could think of’ and spent ‘hundreds of £s’ in hope of achieving weight loss but despite the dedication, the various diets wouldn’t help. Throughout the first half of her twenties, she felt ‘miserable’ – yet was sure the second half would be different.

As she undertook the Cambridge Weight Plan in August 2014, something clicked. The one-to-one support she received was vital and she found that the consultations would give her hope and determination. She saw major results, and soon became a consultant herself.

Hebrides Harmony will soon be eight years old, and those eight years of service have had a positive impact on many lives, evident by her impressive 27 five star reviews on Facebook and various websites.

Speaking today, Terri said ‘It's very exciting! It’s nice to get out of the house and separate work and personal life.’ For the last few years, Terri has been working from her home address.

‘I'm hoping to get a better balance of Cambridge and beauty work, I haven't been able to do so much beauty recently as Cambridge took off so much this year. However, with the three new Cambridge consultants, I should be able to get a better balance of things.’

The business is located at The White Rooms, 40 Bayhead Street and can be contacted through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07746 126986 (text or phone.)