Big smiles at Bethesda Hospice as Point and Sandwick Trust honours its £55,00 annual pledge.

Point and Sandwick community wind farm has given £30,000 to Bethesda Care Home and Hospice, bringing its total annual donation to £55,000.

Its good news for the hospice and also a sign of success for the renewables Trust which has pledged to give £55,000 a year to the charity for 25 years, providing its turbines at Beinn Ghrideag make money.

The annual sum is around a fifth of what Bethesda must fundraise themselves each year to keep its Care home and hospice facility in Stornoway running.

Finance Officer and Fundraiser DR Macdonald said it was “just amazing” to receive this money.

“The further donation from them is a great encouragement to us in the ongoing work of caring for people from all over the island who benefit from the facilities that we have here, both in the hospice and the care home. 

“This annual donation takes a lot of pressure off the target of a quarter of a million that we have to raise each year. This means that at the beginning of the year, instead of starting off with a blank sheet, we’ve got something to build on in the course of the year.”

Point and Sandwick chairman Chairman Angus McCormack said it was "a great pleasure" to visit Bethesda to hand over the second tranche of funding. 

“In our early consultations, the community clearly wished to support Bethesda and we are delighted to offer some financial security to them. This is a great community facility. It does a fine job and is very well run by Carol and her team."