Acair Books, who are commemorating their 40th anniversary this year with a series of celebratory events, recently attended two sessions to mark their successful collaborations over the years with Scottish Booktrust.

The first session, held in Stornoway Library, provided an opportunity to showcase the most recent Bookbug books, which Acair published in Gaelic. These included ‘An Crogall Nach Iarradh gu Uisge’, ‘An Leanabh Seo’ and ‘Bèibidh Beag Bìodach’.

The session, held by Mairi MacLeod, the Early-Years Supporter at Bòrd na Gàidhlig for the Western Isles, was great fun for children and parents alike, who joined in with the song and dance.

This also gave Acair the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work a select few of their Gaelic translators do to create fully-formed Gaelic books, while keeping the same special essence of the original English book.

The second session, held in the Lewis Retirement Centre in Stornoway, saw one of Acair’s summer student placements dress as Bookbug, which thoroughly entertained the children who had a great time singing and reading in Gaelic. New Bookbug packs were also handed out to each parent and child, along with a special Acair birthday balloon.

Commenting after the event Jenny MacLeod said: "I am a Gaelic learner and I have been taking my bilingual son to Bookbug since he was 4 months old. He is now nearly 3 years old and about to start Sgoil Araich. As he has been going to Bookbug he knows Gaelic songs and rhymes I could not have taught him. James has been able to play and interact in Gaelic with other babies, toddlers and adults. He has been introduced to Gaelic books and has had a really fantastic and enjoyable start to learning and play in Gaelic. Bookbug is his hero!"

Acair hope to have many more years of successful partnership with Scottish Booktrust, and to see many more Bookbug books in the future.

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