The Conservatives are hailing their best electoral results in the islands since 1970.

Their Western Isles candidate, Dan McCroskrie, polled 2,441 votes  - up from 1,215 in 2015.

The local association today (Monday June 12) expressed its thanks to everyone who voted for Dan in the recent election, vowing to 'work hard to further the Conservative cause in the Western Isles'.

Dan McCroskrie said: "This was a phenomenal result for the Consevatives in the Western Isles. We secured our best vote in nearly 50 years and that was down to a superb group of members, supporters and activists who worked incredibly hard to get this result. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my campaign from every corner of the Outer Hebrides and we look forward to the next challenge ahead of the 2021 Scottish elections."

Meanwhile. Donald Cameron MSP welcomed the election recent election results as “proof that there is only one pro-UK party that can challenge the SNP at the ballot box”.

This comes as the party increased its number of MP’s from one to thirteen and secured 757,949 votes across Scotland.
Donald Cameron said: “It is clear from these results that the Scottish Conservatives are on the rise in the Western Isles, securing our best General Election result there since 1970.  Voters have spoken loudly and clearly here in the Western Isles – they don’t want a second independence referendum and Nicola Sturgeon must now listen and take it off the table.  Our candidate Daniel McCroskrie campaigned spoke to voters from across the islands and there was a common theme that he was hearing. They are fed up with hearing about the constitution and want the SNP to get on with the day job of sorting out our education system, fixing the NHS and growing the economy."