A new record label for Outer Hebrides acts and artists has been launched by Stornoway based Wee Studio.
The brainchild of Keith Morrison, ‘Wee Studio Records’ is aimed to deliver music from acts based in or with links to the Outer Hebrides, as Wee Studio has developed a brand new, never before way of releasing records; designed to harness the new power of social media and fan engagement.
“We are so far away from the record industry,” said Keith. “We needed to come up with a new way to release records that works for musicians on the island.

“Over the years Wee Studio has built up a large network with very successful fan engagement. The numbers on our videos and products are staggering when you consider the remoteness of the area and the population number.
“It’s time to pool all of the creative talent together to use those numbers and momentum to benefit present and future local acts,” he continued.
“The reputation of the islands’ music has never been in doubt. However it has always lacked a bit of organisation and teamwork. It is time the local music industry had a chance to make a real noise.”
Helping local music makers make a real noise, using social media, Wee Studio Records will be releasing videos of the acts recording the tracks at the same time as releasing the audio tracks online to download.
Wee Studio has found that this gives the best view count, most momentum, and fans will be able to feel like they are a fly on the wall during the recordings and keeping in touch with how their favourite acts music is developing.
Giving power back to the audience, the process allows Liking and Sharing of videos to give the record label and the acts the chance to get much further.
The first release on Wee Studio Records is ‘Willie Campbell and the Tumbling Souls’ with track ‘Dance a Little Better’.
The video has had over 40,000 views on Facebook in only two weeks – and proved the catalyst for starting the new island record label. You can enjoy the video and new track by singer songwriter Willie Campbell here.
“The local music industry has a real wholesome feel about it right now,” said Keith.
“I have developed this plan with other local music businesses, venues and musicians and it has been a real team effort.
“The music industry on the Outer Hebrides has a real chance of becoming something legendary. Believe me, we have the talent.”