From the Islands…that was the theme of the launch of Islewear, Handmade Hebridean Jewellery, in An Lanntair arts centre last night (Friday 26th May).
Jordane Symington handcrafts designs inspired by the landscape, from precious metals, pearls and gemstones – and her work was dramatised for the show – and future events planned on the mainland – with photographs by Jade Starmore from Gress using model Emma Macrae from Point.

The jewellery is going to be available through independent galleries and will feature at the major national show New Designers, in the Business Design centre in London in late June.  Jordane has already shown some of her work at that show.  Her work has also featured in Vogue and Tatler magazines.
The Hebrides Contemporary Arts Scheme with An Lanntair encouraged Islewear’s development through mentorship opportunities for Jordane after her graduation from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014.  She then won scholarships to study stonesetting and enamelling at a college in London.
Jordane, who moved from Glasgow to the Islands when she was 14, says the collections for Islewear have been inspired by the machair, rock formations, and the coastal plant and sea life of the Islands.  
Her work is also inspired by the love that people have for the land here, and by the work and support of artist Jane Harlington at Blue Pig Studio in Carloway.   Jordane believes it was moving to the Islands that enabled her to choose the path she is now on.

Artist Support Coordinator Alex Boyd introduced her at last night’s event.  He praised her commitment to her work and said she had achieved a ‘fantastic amount in a very short time.”  She had worked extremely hard and he had been ‘blown away” by the quality of the new designs she had come up with.
Jordane has been on An Lanntair’s mentoring scheme since September last year.  Alex explained: “As part of this scheme she has received an internship with one of Scotland's top jewellery designers, Sheila Fleet in Orkney, as well as advice on how to promote and grow her business Islewear.
“In that time it's been a pleasure to watch her grow her business and come up with new and stunning designs.  The quality of her work is truly outstanding, and is an example of the high quality of artwork being produced in the Outer Hebrides.”  
Visit for more information and to view the new online boutique.