Stornoway Airport Café and gift shop has taken a bright new step to expand its range of services for customers – by opening a new branch in the passenger departures lounge.

This allows passengers the opportunity to enjoy a drink and snack before boarding their flight – or they can take their food and drink with them as they board the plane and enjoy a coffee and sandwich during the flight.

In addition, the shop has a larger range of local crafts available.

And there’s more to do while you wait for your flight to be called – with the chance to buy last-minute presents, biscuits, drinks – including alcoholic ones – and café-style tables to sit at.

The new service has been gradually established over the last few weeks to enhance the way that the café can serve the thousands of passengers who stream through the airport every month.

And Long Island Catering, which operates the café, is looking for additional staff as well. (