Experts have predicted that very soon, small drones will ‘fill the sky’ across the UK - and the photograph above, taken with the permission of the Stornoway Trust, gives a drone's eye view of Stornoway.

It comes from HebDrone, a newly-established local firm, which is hoping to tap into exciting new drone technology which negates issues of height and distance to deliver stunning clear images and footage of previously inaccessible angles.

HebDrone is run by father and son team Ruaraidh and Conal Ferguson.  Ruaraidh said: “We’ve had the idea for HebDrone for around a year but we needed time to fully research the idea with regard to the most suitable technology and training.

“If you are going to use a Drone for any type of commercial activity at all you have to complete a Civil Aviation Authority approved course covering everything from principles of flight to air safety. 

“Conal has a lot of technological and engineering experience whilst I’ve been involved in energy surveying for a good number of years.  The new company joins together both our skillsets.”

Ruaraidh is keen to stress that the prime objective of ‘Heb Drone’ is to provide additionality to businesses which already exist.  “We will be speaking to businesses and asking them how our service can make their business more efficient, for example the ability to survey a roof without the use of scaffold or providing aerial shots to complement existing services such as estate agents or wedding photography.

“We can also provide aerial surveys of wind turbines even fish farm cages. The possibilities are endless,” he said.  “Our equipment is cutting-edge, the drone is a DJi Inspire Pro using a Zenmuse X5 camera, pretty much the choice of professionals across the UK. 

“It is the first camera specifically designed for a drone.”

Flying of drones is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and without ‘Permission to Fly for Aerial Work’ it’s impossible to get commercial insurance.   As you can imagine, something weighing 7KG falling from 100 metres could be very dangerous and as such there are very strict protocols in place surrounding not only flight safety but also, as you are using a camera, personal security and privacy.

Ruaraidh added: “This is an exciting opportunity and we are really looking forward to working with a diverse range of businesses within the Western Isles.”
To find out more about ‘Heb Drone’, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call Ruaraidh on 07810 603188, or Conal on 07765 181196.