EVENTS and journalist Katie Macleod, who is from Point but lives in the US, gives an insight into the frantic commercialism of a two-year US Presidential election campaign as it nears its close.  


Let me be frank: as a Brit in the USA, I am completely fascinated by the Presidential Election campaign.
Every time I speak to someone from home, they are equally as incredulous. “What’s going on over there?” they ask.  The actions of the US ripple far beyond its borders, so naturally people are curious – or downright concerned.
Hailing from a country where national health care, paid maternity leave, and legally-mandated time-off from work is the norm, my political views in a country with none of these safeguards, are already considered extreme – hence why I tend to shy away from political conversations!
But this status as a Brit abroad, a non-US citizen ineligible to vote, means that I have a front row seat to a show I have no say in.

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