The convener of Western Isles Council has sent a letter of condolence to a school in South Carolina where a pupil last week shot and killed another pupil, and injured two others.

The incident occured in Townville Elementary School in Anderson County. 

Stornoway is twinned with Pendleton in Anderson County.

One six-year-old boy died in last week's attack.

Fourteen-year-old Jesse Osborne is accused of opening fire on the school after murdering his father Jeffrey at their nearby home. 

In a letter addressed to Joanne Avery, Superintendent for the Anderson District County, Convener Norman A MacDonald states: “People throughout the Western Isles were deeply saddened and shocked to hear about the terrible events at Townville School on Wednesday 28th September that subsequently led to the passing away of a six-year-old boy.

“For us these dreadful incidents occurred far away but given our close links to Pendleton and the local Education community we could not but be affected by the dreadful news that a member of staff and two pupils had been attacked.  Needless to say our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the young boy in particular, and with all those affected, their own friends and families and we can only hope the others who were injured make a full recovery.

“Many people in the Western Isles have fond memories of trips to South Carolina and will share the sense of shock and sadness that you as a community will be experiencing.

“I am confident that, given time, your communities will fully recover and prosper.  Our thoughts will be with you all during that challenging process.”