Claudine, Andrew and Amy in Peking before the off.

On Day 10 and nearing a third of the way, Lewis adventurers Claudine Bloom and Andrew Twort are nearing the Russian boarder as they drive over 13,500km through 11 different countries in 36 days to complete the epic Peking to Paris Rally and raise funds for children's charities The Leanne Fund and The Chestnut Tree House.

Joining over a hundred other cars and teams, Claudine and Andrew set off from the Great Wall of China in their trusty transport, a 1965 Amazon Volvo car aptly named 'Amy Amazon', on Sunday, June 12th.

And you can keep up to date with where the island team are, and how they are faring, via satellite tracker and through the 'Amy Amazon' Facebook page; as well as donate to the chosen charities via the Just Giving page.

After the first day's 400km drive from Peking to Datong, Day Two saw the Lewis team near the Mongolian border as they reached Erenhot.

“We have posed for photos with loads of complete strangers and waved at literally thousands of members of the public who probably don't know what to make of the 107 classic rally cars driving past,” said Andrew on the Facebook page report.

Day Three, and following a 'slow and tedious' border crossing, Andrew and Claudine explored the Gobi Desert and competed in the Rally's first time-trials – the first of which was a 40km desert crossing where they 'went a little off track'.

But by the second time-trial, a 50km desert crossing, Amy and her passengers were better prepared: “This one was a little smoother and we were able to go a lot faster and really enjoyed the ride,” said Andrew.

An overnight camp in the desert brought Day Four and 'sunrise over the camp-site was quite divine', before more desert driving and time trials took Rally competitors 300kms to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, passing camels, goat herds, yurts and wild horses on the high-altitude plateau.

Amy Amazon at the Mongolian camp.

By the end of Day Four, Amy's team were in 25th position overall, and in 5th position in the Classic Category (Pre-1975 vehicles); and Day Five offered a pit-stop with a Rest Day for all in Ulaan Baatar.

Andrew and Claudine used the time to empty and repack Amy, checking the Volvo's fluids and Claudine updated that she “tried to brush away some of the sand which had found its way into every crevice.”

Andrew added: “Amy has behaved beautifully and has needed no attention thus far.”

The pair also enjoyed meeting locals and spoke with monks about the work of The Leanne Fund – a Lewis based charity which helps young people in the Highlands and Islands living with Cystic Fibrosis – which they said the monks 'found interesting'.

The Amy Amazon team have continued through Mongolia, updating their position via satellite, but unable to post Facebook reports due to no internet.

Day Six saw the Rally advance to Bulgan, then to Murun the next day, onto Uliastai on Day Eight, and Day Nine, yesterday, reached Chjargas Lake.

And taking their part in the Peking to Paris Rally 2016, Andrew, Claudine and Amy should be crossing the Altai mountains to cross through to Russia today, Day 10.

A rally of historic proportions, the Peking to Paris traverse first took place over the summer of 1907 when five pioneering motorists – including winner, Italian Prince Borghese – raced half-way around the globe to prove that the motor car could provide an independent means of travel.

The rally route was recreated by the ERA (Endurance Rally Association) in 1997, and celebrates its sixth year this summer.

After Russia, Rally competitors will continue onto the Republic of Belarus, follow the exciting route across Europe with closed-road mountain climbs in the Alps, before a short hop onto the French capital to cross the finish line at Palace Vendome in Paris on July 17th.

You can find out more about the Rally, including where competitors are placed each day, at

107 Classic cars racing across the plains is a sight for the locals to enjoy.

Raising awareness as well as funds for their charities, Claudine chatted with some monks about the work of The Leanne Fund.