Two Syrian families are to be resettled in Stornoway over the next couple of months, it was confirmed today.

Comairle Leader Angus Campbell welcomed the news, which comes during Refugee Week, a celebration of the contributions refugees make in Scotland.

The theme for Refugee Festival Scotland 2016 is solidarity, and Gary Christie, from the Scottish Refugee Council commented:  “Now, more than ever, we need to stand together with people who've had to flee their homes and are now trying to build new lives here."

Angus Campbell told fellow-councillors today: "By the time we meet again in September the Outer Hebrides will have welcomed Syrian families to be resettled in our community."

"In the weeks ahead I would expect that more information is made available."

Local agencies have been working hard to make the arrival of families as discreet and as smooth as possible for the refugees.  

At the moment the plans involve housing two related families, who will be rehomed in and around the Stornoway area.  

The families will be supported where necessary but also will be given the space that they need to re-adjust to family life here in the Outer Hebrides.

Angus Campbell indicated that he was 'confident that as a community we will be welcoming and compassionate and allow the families the scope they will need to resettle within our islands.'  

He added: "All partners are pulling together to do this which is also really encouraging."