Artizan in Church Street is not just about coffee, jewellery and cakes…it's about art as well, as the present exhibition of Moira Maclean's works shows.

She says of herself on the Rendezvous Gallery website: "Born and bred on the Isle of Lewis, this is where I continue to live and work. My paintings are filtered and captured from my life in this Hebridean landscape.

 "Although I take hundreds of photos and sketch regularly, when it comes to painting I am really deep-mining my memory. I trust my instinct and begin. I try to recapture the feeling of walking home through snowy villages when I was seven years old.

"The recurrent beach paintings, looking out to sea toward outlying Islands, come from one of my first memories: the camping, picnicking paraphernalia dotted about; my flowery swimsuit, a tartan thermos, glinting caravans with patterned curtains." 

The paintings are for sale as well as show, and one has already been bought by an art-lover.