Rhoda Grant is saying ‘YES’ to Epilepsy Scotland’s call to action to do more for people with epilepsy.  

Newly elected MSPs are being asked to help and pledge their vote of support starting from National Epilepsy Week (16-22 May).  Scottish politicians can also back the leading charity’s campaign for greater investment in epilepsy services which could save lives and NHS resources. 

Speaking this morning Rhoda Grant said “I agree with Epilepsy Scotland’s campaign that we provide the best health and social care possible for those who need it.  There are over 700 people of all ages living with epilepsy in the Highlands & Islands.  Research findings suggest that while just over half of people with epilepsy have seizure control, seven in ten could become seizure free if they received optimum care.  I want to do what I can to see this treatment gap addressed.”

“It takes time to increase public knowledge and understanding which is why National Epilepsy Week is important.  If highlighting my vote of support for epilepsy through social media and the press gets people talking and learning a bit more about epilepsy, that’s what matters.”

“ In the last session of Parliament I teamed up with Epilepsy Scotland and launched the ICEberg (In Case of Emergency be empowered ring guardian)campaign in which we embarked on our education programme by producing leaflets, merchandise and more importantly purple and white wrist bands with the words ICEberg thereon. Those suffering from epilepsy can wear the wrist band and then if they are found unwell and alone and are seen to be wearing the wrist band,  the attending emergency services will know to look on the individuals mobile phone and under the ICE app or ‘I’ in the address section,they will find full details of the individual and their next of kin.”

"Wristbands were available and still are from my office at 3 Gordon Street, Inverness. Anyone wanting to source them can also telephone my office on 01463 716299 or they can drop me an Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The bands are also available from Epilepsy Scotland and any Zapphire (Epilepsy)Nurse in the Highlands in the Highlands."