The biggest ever selection of rugs in the Western Isles is now available to customers in Stornoway. 

This morning heralded the official opening of ‘World of Rugs’ situated just behind the Carpet World showroom on Keith Street. 

Previously ‘Floor It’, the new business incorporates 70 per cent rugs and 30 per cent wood floorings. 

Proprietor Dolan Morrison explained: “There is a massive potential in rugs nowadays, and with the advent of wood flooring, the first thing everyone does is buy a rug to put over the wood. 

“We have every kind of rug you can think of here at ‘World of Rugs’, and they've never been available here before, so it really is a first for Stornoway.”

The rugs come from all over the world, with the majority being imported from the Far East and India. 

“We are finding that sheepskin rugs are becoming very popular once again, which could be a big market for Hebridean sheep owners,” said Dolan. 

“Over 30 years ago we used to sell an unbelievable amount of sheepskin rugs, and back then they were priced £59. 

“Today they are still priced £59 – the price hasn’t gone up in all these years.”

‘World of Rugs’ also stocks a huge array of the latest rugs, from fancy 3D designs, to special computer chair mats to save carpets from being marked. 

To celebrate the launch of ‘World of Rugs’, you can win a £50 voucher to spend in-store!

For more details, see here.