Stornoway Depot Manager for Scottish Fuels, Angus Maclennan recently presented a cheque for £300 to Crossroads Lewis from the company.

Crossroads Lewis is a registered charity and aims to relieve stress on families and carers by providing home-based respite.

Mr Maclennan explained that the company, part of Certas Energy, tried to support good causes whenever it could as part of its corporate giving programme.  It had supported Crossroads last year as well.

Crossroads Lewis manager Rhoda Macdonald, centre, and treasurer Margaret Smith accepted the donation on behalf of the charity.

Rhoda Macdonald said the group was partly supported from public funds but still needed to raise between £40,000 to £50,000 a year in addition.  A lot of the money comes in from families and individuals who are grateful for the way in which they are or have been supported by the charity but wider fund-raising goes on all the time as well