The SNP’s Alasdair Allan has been re-elected to the Scottish Parliament, with a 52 per cent share of the vote. 

Dr Allan secured 6,874 votes, while his nearest rival, Labour’s Rhoda Grant, gained 3,378 votes. 

The SNP's share of the vote was reduced by 13 per cent from 2011.

Ranald Fraser, of the Scottish Conservative Party, gained 1,499 votes while the Scottish Christian Party candidate, John Cormack, secured 1,162 votes. 

Ken Macleod, of the Liberal Democrats, lost his deposit, garnering only 293 votes. 

Speaking after the votes were announced by Presiding Officer, Malcolm Burr, Dr Allan commented: “Tonight it seems the SNP has been winning in communities from the Butt to Barra. I am delighted to be serving for the third time as Western Isles MSP. 

“It is not yet clear if Scotland has a majority SNP government, but it is obvious that the SNP are winning across Scotland, and with good reason.”

Result – 

Alasdair Allan (SNP) – 6,874

Rhoda Grant (Labour) – 3,378

Ranald Fraser (Conservative) – 1,499

John Cormack (Scottish Christian Party) – 1,162

Ken Macleod (Liberal Democrats) - 293