Voting starts at 7 am today in the latest Scottish Parliament elections.  The polls remain open until 10pm.  And this is the first Scottish Parliament election where 16 and 17-year-olds are allowed to vote.
The candidates in the Western Isles are Alasdair Allan (SNP); John Cormack, Scottish Christian Party; Ranald Fraser, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Rhoda Grant, Scottish Labour Party; and Kenneth Macleod, Scottish Liberal Democrat.
On the second (regional) ballot paper there is an independent standing - James Stockan, from Orkney.

Some polling questions
I've lost my polling card - will I need it to vote?
No. If you have your polling card it makes it easier for staff at the polling station, but they have a register and you don't need your card to vote.
Who's allowed to vote?
To vote in a Scottish Parliament election you must be registered to vote in Scotland and aged 16 years or over on the day of the poll.
Ballot papers
When you turn up to vote, you will receive two ballot papers: a constituency paper and a regional paper.
Constituency ballot
On the constituency ballot you vote for the candidates to represent your local constituency.
Regional ballot
On the regional ballot you vote for a party which has already ranked their candidates in order to represent your region
Statements during the last days of campaigning
On Tuesday, SNP Candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Alasdair Allan, issued a final call for voters to back him and the SNP at today’s elections to the Scottish Parliament.
“Scotland has a real chance to vote on Thursday for a Scottish Government with the competence, the vision - and the First Minister - to take Scotland forward.  Every indication is that people in Scotland are doing just that, but it’s the people who turn out on the day who will decide.
“It’s been a real honour to have served as the islands MSP for the last nine years. This has been a long election campaign, and I have relished the chance to get round the doors meeting to people from the Butt to Barra. Now it’s the voters who have their say. I hope people will vote for an SNP government that will bring superfast broadband to every island home, double free childcare, reform crofting law and increase the NHS revenue budget by £500 million more than inflation.
“So, on Thursday I ask people to use their constituency ballot to return me as local MSP, and to vote SNP on their regional list ballot paper, to ensure that Nicola Sturgeon becomes Scotland’s First Minister.”
Scottish Labour candidate, Rhoda Grant said on May 2: "It has been an honour to represent the islands as regional MSP over the last 9 years, and I was immensely proud to be asked by our local party to stand in the Na H Eileanan an Iar Constituency.
"Over these years, and for the duration of the election campaign, I have heard people’s real concerns about jobs and services; their significant unease about the future of CalMac; their worries that the future of crofting is under threat with a real sense that centralised government simply does not understand this vital industry.
"Two of my proudest achievements as an MSP have been to deliver a dedicated MS nurse for the Western Isles and to gain recognised status for Stornoway Black Pudding. Neither was easy, but we made it happen.
"Without doubt, this vibrant community faces many imminent challenges which have been ignored by the SNP government. People tell me that they are hungry for change.  I am truly humbled when people who have never voted Labour before tell me that they will be voting for us on Thursday.
"I, the local party members and supporters have sought to speak to as many people as possible, both in the town centre, at their doors and on the phone.  We have tried to contact as many people as possible – we will never speak to everyone but we have a great campaign office in Cromwell Street, where there is always a cup of tea on the go, and a welcome for anyone who pops in.  For people living in Uist and Barra, who cannot easily pop into the office we have held meet the candidate events.
"I have also had the opportunity to catch up with friends and family when I get a minute.  But the campaign trail has meant that I am also finding members of my family that I had not met before – I think I have a cousin in every village!"
She voiced her concern about the Scottish Government's dubious handling of a proposal to alter legislation on sea angling.  Commenting, Mrs Grant said "A large number of people have told me of their disquiet about the management of angling by the Scottish Government.  The new catch and release requirements were railroaded through as the SNP used its majority to force it through without consulting with the anglers and angling clubs who will be affected.
"There is no scientific base for these regulations to be introduced.  The Scottish Government is now consulting, under the cover of a parliamentary election.  The arrogance of such behaviour is breathtaking."
Mrs Grant also called for the revival of Iomairt aig an Oir – Initiative at the Edge – which the Labour government introduced in 1998 with a view to empowering fragile communities and breaking down bureaucratic barriers.
 She said: “Throughout this campaign, I have listened to a consistent message about how powers and resources are being taken away from communities in the Western Isles while high-handed decisions are made over their heads, mainly in Edinburgh.  Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s election, this trend has to be reversed.  I have heard repeatedly from crofters, fishermen and community organisations that there is simply no understanding in Edinburgh of how difficult it is for people to make their livelihoods here, even without constant barriers being put in their way”.
Independent candidate James Stockan said: "I have travelled the length and breadth of the Highlands and Islands constituency from Lerwick to Campbeltown and from Moray to Stornoway listening and talking to people and what I have heard is that my five key priority areas are very relevant in the day-to-day lives of the people of this vast region, albeit with unique local issues in each area.
"Vote for me and you will be casting your vote for:
Our unique community here in the Western Isles. I intend to fight for change and improvement to ensure the following priorities are delivered and that the Highlands and Islands do not continue to miss out.
Improving and safeguarding our transport networks
Working towards the eradication of fuel poverty
Helping our local economies to thrive
Seeking better digital connectivity
Bringing decision-making nearer to the people it affects
"As I am standing on the Highlands and Islands Region list it means you can vote for me on the Regional ballot paper as well as for your favoured candidate on the separate constituency paper. Elect me as a MSP and I would support whoever gets elected in your local constituency to challenge or support government policy as and when situations dictate."