The Salvation Army Stornoway Corps has become the first church in the Western Isles to be recognised as an eco-congregation. 

The Salvation Army Stornoway Corps has been awarded a certificate by Eco-Congregation Scotland, an ecumenical movement helping groups of Christians to link environmental issues to their faith and reduce their environmental impact. 

Callum Newton, Lieutenant at Salvation Army Stornoway Corps, explains: "To be recognised as an eco-congregation by Eco-Congregation Scotland initially is an acknowledgement of the statement of intent made by the church to be concerned about the environment as part of God's creation. We are then committed to carrying out an environmental audit, which helps to identify existing environmental work, and prioritise what we would like to do next."

There are 350 eco-congregations in Scotland, 125 of which hold the Eco-Congregation Award, and which the Salvation Army Stornoway Corps is now working towards. 

Callum Newton said: "The Salvation Army here are really committed to continuing to better ourselves in our approach to the environment because we all recognise the importance of caring for God's creation as it has been entrusted to us. It's very easy for us to appreciate the wonder of creation when we live in such a beautiful part of the world, we want to do all we can for the good if the island and I believe that being an eco-congregation will aid our focus on environmental as well as (but not instead of) social issues."

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