Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands Conservative MSP, today praised the vibrant media sector throughout the Highlands and Islands and the hard work of local newspaper editors, reporters and staff.

Jamie was speaking in a member’s debate in the Scottish Parliament on media, society and democracy initiated by Independent Highlands & Islands MSP Jean Urquhart where he also talked about newspaper regulation following the Leveson Inquiry.


Speaking in the Parliament today Jamie said:“ The motion notes the importance of the local media and press in my region of the Highlands & Islands and I completely agree with this.

"The Highlands & Islands are fortunate to have a wide range of fantastic local newspapers of which there are far too many to mention individually today. I would want to take this opportunity to commend the journalists and editors who work so hard to cover local news stories in my region.

“ Many of these newspapers, as well as reporting on local stories and performing the important task of scrutinising the performance and decisions of local government in Scotland, can also help affect change by supporting local campaigns; I think for example of the recent and successful campaign to establish a new dialysis unit in Campbeltown Hospital which was backed with great support from the Campbeltown Courier.

“ Jean Urquhart is right to mention the development of news through the internet and social media. Many of our local newspapers have developed first class websites, while in Argyll & Bute the news website forargyll.com has developed a well-deserved reputation for its extensive and comprehensive coverage of all the key stories in the area and its insightful analysis.

"Lynda Henderson and her team at forargyll work extremely hard and their success is reflected in the many thousands of page impressions they receive each and every day and the site’s lively comments sections.”