Give your winter heat a new flavour…coffee logs are here!

Well, that’s for those of you with open fires…and who can get to Willowglen Garden Centre which has just taken a delivery of the new fuel.

These are eco-heat logs for stoves, open fires and chimineas, made from spent coffee grounds.

Each year the Cambridge-based company bio-bean ( processes thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds, collected from coffee shops around the UK.

Recycling coffee helps reduce greenhouse gases, diverts waste away from costly landfill and gives your latte a useful second life.

At the world’s first coffee recycling factory in Cambridgeshire, bio-bean’s engineers turns these coffee grounds into amazing Coffee Logs – the sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

Each carbon neutral Coffee Log is made from the grounds of 25 cups of coffee and contains about 20% more energy than wood – meaning it burns hotter and for longer than wood.

So if you are looking for a wonder-fuel that can heat your home while helping the planet Coffee Logs are the perfect choice…from Willowglen Garden Centre on Matheson Road, Stornoway .

And if you don’t like coffee, don’t worry…the flavour has long gone by the time the ancient coffee logs into its new role in your fireplace!