The Nicolson Institute Interact Club are inviting all to join for a big 'Beetle Drive' this Friday – a fun fundraiser to help restore a Sensory Garden at Western Isles Hospital.

Taking place at The Nicolson Institute, Sandwick Road, on Friday (February 24th), 7pm, the Beetle Drive offers a night out for all the family with complimentary teas and coffees available, as well as home-baking for sale. Entry is donations on the door.

Unsure as to what a Beetle Drive is? Worry not as Interact Vice President Rebekah Murray explains: “A Beetle Drive is a fun event which involves some competition and a great laugh.

“It's easy – all you have to do is roll a dice and whichever number you get helps build your beetle. Once your turn is over you then pass the dice round the table and it's a competition with not only the people around your table, but also with the room. The first to complete their beetle wins a prize!”

The Interact Club have partnered with the Lewis Branch of Alzheimer's Society for the event, and funds raised are to assist in the restoration of the Sensory Garden at the Clisham Ward in Western Isles Hospital.

“Alzheimer's affects each of us on a daily basis – we may not realise but we are constantly surrounded by dementia sufferers, carers or those who will be diagnosed in the future,” continued Rebekah.

“A Sensory Garden is so beneficial for sufferers as it allows them to be immersed in textures, scents, colours and sounds which relieves stress and distress brought on by the disease.

“It also allows those who are restless to walk around freely and be surrounded by a calm and relaxing environment.”