The deadline has been extended for the Western Isles Children's Humorous Photographic Competition 2016 on an Anti-Litter theme .

The organisers say: 'We've had a lot of interest from various schools, following our 'jester' visits, but many of them have asked for more time to submit their pupils' entries.  

"To give them that time, we've created a late, late deadline (USA style!) of 22nd December.  Obviously that deadline now applies to anyone else who would like to enter.

"For those schools, and individuals, who have already sent in their entries, we would like to say a massive thank-you for all your efforts and hard work. 

"We are sure the judges at Keep Scotland Beautiful are really going to enjoy the job of judging this year's competition. 

"We are delighted to have so many prizes to offer the children this year;  awarding and acknowledging their creativity.

In addition more prizes have been negotiated.  Zero Waste Comhairle are donating a litter picking jacket and associated gear, and Keep Scotland Beautiful a litter-picker.  

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