The 1st Stornoway Girls Brigade has won funding towards new sound equipment, following the latest round of Community Fund awards from The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC).

The 1st Stornoway Girls Brigade meet weekly, giving over 40 girls from P1 to S6 the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to develop their confidence and skills, including drama, presentations and fundraising for charity.

Relax with friends - or on your own - and enjoy our Bagels on the Board or your choice of Eggs Bennie, our new range of waffles, or our Scottish porridge as you have never imagined it before.
Tell us how you like your coffee – at H&L you call the shots! 

What's new from tomorrow (Thursday January 23rd) for evening meals at Harris & Lewis Smokehouse…

Here’s something for a special birthday present…or for Christmas and for any other special event during the year.

What’s that?

Harris & Lewis gift vouchers of course!

Available from the Smokehouse in various denominations, they can be redeemed to pay for everything the Smokehouse does.

It’s the pleasure of giving combined with the pleasure of eating…what’s not to like! 

So veterans, reservists and serving armed forces personnel are especially welcome at the H&L Smokehouse on Sandwick Road, Stornoway.

Gerry Corish, the marketing director of the Scottish Salmon Company which owns the Smokehouse, met with Lieutenant Colonel Matt Sheldrick of 7 Scots at the Army Reserve Centre on Church Street on Tuesday 15th October to make the arrangements.