Alpha Course

2020-01-20 06:30 PM
Martin's Memorial Church - 11 Francis Street
01851 70 0820
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We have an exciting couple of months ahead of us in the life of Martin's Memorial Church! Starting on Monday 20th January at 6.30-8pm, we'll be running our Alpha Course for 8 weeks. 
The Alpha Course is an introduction to the Christian faith and is open to everyone, whether you know nothing about the Christian faith but are open to exploring, whether you are asking the big questions about life and want to know more, whether you have recently become a Christian, or whether you want a refresher of what Christian's believe and why. All are welcome and there is no cost involved!
We all have questions about life and why we're here, and the Alpha Course is a safe and welcoming place to share about life and learn with one another. It would be great to see you at our Alpha Course this year!



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  • 2020-01-20 06:30 PM

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