Emergency services were racing out of Stornoway towards Point on two occasions yesterday (Monday)   Pictured above is the major deployment of fire and rescue vehicles sent to Lower Bayble after wind caught a moorland fire and turned it into a blaze which, at one point, it was feared would spread over the hills to Swordale.   The firefighters brought the blaze under control in the early evening.

Earlier in the day, firefighters - along with ambulances and police vehicles - were called to a road traffic accident on the Braighe.  One person was taken to hospital. Traffic queues built in all directions with a number of pupils, teachers and parents involved in the exchange between The Nicolson Institute and Pendleton High School in South Carolina caught in the jams and fearing they would not make ti to the plane on time.  Fortunately, they were all able to get to the airport after the key transport artery was cleared.