A public information meeting on Brexit is to take place in Stornoway on Tuesday February 28.

The speakers are Dr Eilidh Macphail, Lews Castle College (University of the Highlands and Islands), and Professor Michael Keating from the Centre on Constitutional Change, and the Chairperson is Murray Macleod, West Highland Free Press.

The meeting will take place from 6.00pm – 8.00pm in Stornoway Town Hall, and tea and coffee will be available from 5.30pm.

In March 2017, the UK Government intends to give official notice of its intention to withdraw from the European Union.

It is not yet clear what form Brexit will take and what our future relationship with Europe will be.

The Scottish Government has set out its own demands, including that Scotland should remain within the European single market.

The meeting will discuss what issues are at stake, and what the options are. 

There will be a series of short presentations followed by a general discussion.