As from Wednesday 25th March 2020 Langabhat Medical Practice will have community groups/individuals delivering their patient medication to all areas except Stornoway, Point & Back.

All medication for patients in the areas noted below will be delivered to ensure patient and staff safety and wellbeing and we need to keep people at home as much as possible.

See below:

• Galson Estate for the Upper Sarvas to Butt of Ness area;

• Individual volunteers for the LowerBarvas & Brue area;

• HorshaderGroup area for the Arnol - Dalmore area;

• Carloway Community Associationfor the Carloway to Tolsta Chaolais area;

• Breasclete Community Association for the Breasclete, Callanish, Garynahine, Linshader, Lochganvich area;

• Bernera Community Association for road end all way in to Bernera area;

• Uig CommunityforGisla to Breanish (all Uig) area;

• Leurbost Community for Achmore, Cleascro Rd, Cameron Terrace, Leurbost, Grimshader, Crossbost and Ranish area;

• Kinloch Community for Sova I down to Arivruaich (including Keose & Keose Glebe)area; and

• Paire Community for Shieldinish down to all of South Lochs area.


Langabhat Medical Practice are extremely grateful to the all the goodwill and kindness shown by our community at this difficult time. Many thanks.