Over recent days a number of people have been contacted by telephone by someone claiming to be from their bank, Police Scotland says

The customers are told that their accounts have been compromised, and are then asked to transfer their money into a ‘safe account’, which in reality belongs to the fraudsters. 

Not a new scam, but one which is doing the rounds again.  Inquiries into these incidents are ongoing. 

Sergeant Richard Ross from Prevention and Interventions in N Division, Highlands and Islands, is working with colleagues to raise awareness about these scams and how to protect yourself from them.

He said: "It is a well-known tactic for scammers to alarm the account holder into believing their money is at risk and trick them into transferring their money to them.  The effect can be devastating for the businesses and people that fall victim of these scams and I would urge everyone to be on guard at all times against this type of activity. The criminals who use tactics like this go to great lengths to appear legitimate, including making it appear that they are calling from the genuine number which is printed on your bank card.  It is important to remember a genuine caller from your bank would never ask you to transfer money during an unsolicited call. 

"Always be suspicious if someone claiming to be from your bank requests your bank or personal details - they should already have them and they wouldn't ask for them over the phone. It is best to politely end the call and call back on a number you have sourced yourself, ideally using a different phone. Alternatively seek advice from your local bank if that is an option." 

For more advice or information visit https://www.scotland.police.uk/…/advice-for-victims-…/fraud/