A call has been issued for public meetings on Brexit.

Labour have called on local MP, Angus MacNeil, to convene meetings for constituents to discuss their views on Brexit.

Labour candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Alison MacCorquodale, said: “It would be beneficial to hear something from Mr. MacNeil about his recent voting record in the first round of indicative votes and also how he would have voted in the second round of indicative votes, had he made it back to Westminster in time to take part.

“His constituents are entitled to know why the SNP did not support the idea of a permanent Customs Union, since this is supposedly what they have been demanding from the outset. Wouldn’t they perhaps also like to hear why Mr. MacNeil – unlike the majority of his peers - abstained on the amendment calling for a second referendum?”

Ms. MacCorquodale observed that many MPs across the length and breadth of the UK – whether opposed or in favour - are currently holding meetings in their constituencies about Brexit. Whatever their personal viewpoint, these MPs consider it their duty and responsibility to listen to voters’ voices and to be informed by their insight and opinions. However, unlike his more enlightened counterparts in Westminster, Mr. MacNeil has yet to consult the public he purports to represent on Brexit.

She added: “While Mr. MacNeil may have a plausible explanation for his recent behaviour regarding Brexit, he also has an obligation to put the matter to his constituents and take account of their views. With potentially dire consequences for local businesses, investment and jobs, it is important that he makes the time to hear our views. ”