Almost dried up - the stream in Willowglen

MONDAY June 11 UPDATES: EDDY GRAHAM confirms another two days without rain - making a new record of 21 consecutive days with 0mm of rain in Stornoway

Of the recent clouds above Stornoway, Eddy says: " it’s mid- and high-level cloud which is often there anyway - we are only seeing it because there is little low cloud to obscure it for a change!"

The past three weeks has seen the driest recorded period in the history of Stornoway, according to local weather expert Eddy Graham.

Writing in his eddy_weather Twitter account he says that according to his provisional results, the driest spells in Stornoway since 1930, based on daily records, were 37 consecutive days with up to a maximum of 0.2mm total precipitation from March 22, 1974; and 23 days with 0.4mm from May 5, 2008.

“Today (Friday) we have had 19 days with zilch, so I think we have a new record for total consecutive days with 0.0mm for Stornoway!”

Earlier he pointed out that so many days without any measurable rain, “officially means we are in a meteorological absolute drought!”  The definition for that is having 15 or more consecutive days with less than 0.2mm of rain.

Temperatures dropped yesterday to around 16C from 20C or more earlier in the week.

Yesterday (Friday) there was a growing expectation of rain this morning (Saturday), between 10am and 2pm, although Stornoway and the Outer Hebrides were expected to escape the thunderstorms forecast for the mainland.

However, the latest forecasts today (Saturday 6am) from XC and the BBC put the chance of rain down to 0-16 percent, well down from the 50/60 per cent being forecast on Friday.