A plane-load of passengers heading for Glasgow remained earthbound in Stornoway yesterday evening (Tuesday April 23rd) after a saga of delays ended with the airport closing before they could take off.

The 18 passengers were left hanging around for the arrival of their transport, after a series of delays caused by equipment failures and a full-scale emergency at Glasgow airport meant that their inbound flight left Glasgow two hours late.

Two new features have made booking online with CalMac easier.

The ferry and harbour operator has now introduced new features to their web booking system that allows customers to save payment details and make changes to reservations online.

CalMac's Head of Customer Services, Alan Hood said: "Feedback from our customers told us that they wanted an improved ability to 'self-serve' tickets, and modifications to bookings, 24-hours a day.

"We are delighted to introduce two new functions to our ticketing and reservations system to address these needs."

Consultations are currently being held on fireworks in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is holding consultations encouraging the public to have their say on fireworks regulations.  

Fireworks are traditionally associated with festivities which celebrate events that are important to different communities across Scotland.

Fireworks can bring colour and excitement to the special occasions that are important to people.